5 Ways A Professional Cleaning Service Helps Increase Car Dealership Sales

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5 Ways A Professional Cleaning Service Helps Increase Car Dealership Sales
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But to impress and satisfy your customers from start to finish, a clean car alone just isn’t enough. 

From the moment they first approach the outside of your building, every space inside and outside your dealership needs to be clean, tidy, and neat in order to win the deal. 

The level of cleanliness is felt by your customers at every step of their journey from sitting in the waiting area, looking at cars in the showroom, sitting in your office looking at paperwork, or going to the bathroom. 

In this article, we’ll explain why regular and professional dealership cleaning services are an often overlooked yet critical part of closing deals and selling more cars.  

How Can Professional Cleaning Increase Car Sales?

Makes A Good First Impression

Most of you already know that first impressions are everything. We’re programmed to make split-second micro-decisions so quickly we may need not even be aware they’ve been made.  

A sparkling clean dealership makes a great first impression, which can often be the difference between them walking and them buying. Having the car shiny and clean isn’t enough. The floors, windows, showroom, offices, and outside areas are all seen and noticed long before they make it to the car.  

A clean space is important before an individual becomes a potential customer. Think about it. If you pass by a business in your car or on foot and see dirty windows, garbage blowing around the parking lot, and visible dirt on the walls, would you choose them over the same type of business whose property is spotless and clean? Probably not.  

Routine cleaning and maintenance help ensure you make that all-important first impression. 

Reflects Well On Your Company 

The state of cleanliness your dealership displays both inside and out tells the customer a story. It’s a story of the values your company holds. It’s a story of how motivated you are, how respectful you are, and how much you care about their business.

If a dealership can’t get basic cleaning and sanitization practices right, a customer may not trust other aspects of the business either. Even small cleanliness details missed can plant a seed of doubt in the customer’s minds that may result in them thinking twice about buying a car from you. 

Keeping your dealership regularly and professionally cleaned tells your customers you don’t just think of them as a walking wallet, but go the extra mile to ensure they’re comfortable and looked after. 

In the world of car sales, customer service is king. Cleanliness is and always will be a huge part of the customer’s experience.  

Makes People Feel Comfortable

It’s human nature to feel more calm, relaxed, and comfortable in a clean and tidy environment. Now more than ever, cleanliness is more noticeable and important to the customers walking in and out of your shop. 

No one feels comfortable in a gross bathroom or walking on sticky floors. Customers notice and are affected by these things.   

Experiencing discomfort of any kind in a retail environment can cause your customers to run for the door. Professional auto and car dealership cleaners get into the nooks, crannies, and other areas that may go unnoticed by staff who are there day in day out but are picked up by discerning customers walking into your showroom for the first time.  

Let’s Customer Focus On Your Cars

You want your customers to keep their eyes on the prize – your cars!  You don’t want anything to distract them and lead their attention elsewhere. But unclean waiting areas, messy desks, overflowing garbage cans, and sticky floors can take that all-important focus away from your car and risk the sale.

Hiring a professional to regularly maintain your space prevents this type of distraction from happening, keeping your spaces clean and tidy so your customers can focus on your cars.   

Boost Employee Morale

The link between a clean working environment and employee morale is widely studied and documented. Furthermore, a clean and sanitary environment reduces workplace stress, sick days, and employee absenteeism. A dealership full of dust, dander, and pollen, can leave your sales staff feeling run-down and underperforming. 

All of this points to the benefits of keeping your auto dealership clean not just for the customers, but also for your employees. 

When your sales and office staff feel clean, safe, and happy at work, their performance reflects that.

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, you can see just how important a clean and tidy environment is to both your customers and employees. Luckily, achieving a superb level of cleanliness is not difficult at all. 

Picture Perfect Cleaning offers a wide range of auto dealership cleaning services to maintain the high levels of sanitation your customers and employees demand. 

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Floors
  • High Traffic Area
  • Toilets
  • Coffee/waiting Area
  • Desks 
  • Window
  • Stairwells
  • Door Handles
  • Offices
  • Outside spaces like the parking lot and entranceways

We offer customized cleaning schedules to meet the needs of your specific business, using advanced cleaning systems and technology to achieve the highest level of sanitization possible.

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