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The Importance of Commercial Cleaning & Air Quality

Importance of commercial cleaning and air quality

Cleaning your workplace may not sound important, but it is. Failing to clean commercial workplaces puts the health of the employees & customers at risk. Not only that, but it also affects the air quality of the workspace which affects overall employee productivity. As such, you can’t just skip cleaning routines at work, as you […]

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The Importance Of Window Cleaning As Part Of Your Janitorial Service

Woman cleaning a commercial property

Commercial cleaning companies perform a number of tasks to ensure a business is sanitary. They provide services using specialized equipment to clean furniture, floors, walls, ceilings, outside spaces, & remove pathogens from the air.   But an often overlooked area of importance to clean is the windows. Dirty windows can turn off customers and contribute […]

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Equipment You Need As A Cleaning Business

understanding carpet chemistry | picture perfect cleaning

Running a commercial cleaning business takes more than buying a mop, rags, and some store-bought cleaning solution. Cleaners go through rigorous training to do the job properly including having great equipment and supportive administrative staff.   As more and more businesses like offices, schools, and industrial sites outsource their cleaning services, commercial cleaning companies need […]

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Required Skills Of Commercial Cleaning Staff

Commercial Cleaning Services in Calgary | Picture Perfect Cleaning

Professional cleaning companies are being held to a higher standard than ever before. In today’s environment, cleaning staff must exhibit a range of professional and competency skills to be successful.    Here are some of the top skills required for a successful commercial cleaning staff.  Time Management Cleaning is a game of strict deadlines. It’s […]

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The Unique Challenges Of Cleaning A School

Classroom with clean wooden chair and desk after cleaning | Picture Perfect Cleaning

Schools have a duty to provide a clean, sterile, and safe environment for their students, teachers, and visitors. A clean environment is essential to prevent the spread of illness and germs. But achieving consistent and regular cleaning in a school environment is difficult, and the pandemic has raised an already high standard for cleaning to […]

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Why You’re Seeing More “Eco-Labels” On Your Cleaning Products

Usa globe resting in a forest - environment concept | picture perfect cleaning

When shopping for cleaning products, how do you determine which to buy? Do you go with the most recognizable logo? Or the lowest price? How about whether a product is eco-friendly?   While marketing and price will always be important factors, more and more of us shop with our own safety and the environment in […]

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What To Consider From A Cleaning Perspective As You Reopen Your

Never has it been so important to have a safe and clean work environment. It is a particularly good time to do a full assessment of your standard operating procedures for cleaning in your office to ensure a healthy and safe environment. There is some anxiety from many, as we return, who are concerned about […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Industrial Space Needs Professional Cleaning Services

covid-19 cleaning and disinfecting services in calgary

Industrial and warehousing spaces are hard to clean, period. Unless you hire a regularly scheduled and professional cleaning service, it’s hard to maintain a high standard of cleanliness in these types of environments. Factories often take on very dirty work, and cleaning large industrial and commercial sites is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive endeavor. To […]

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Buffing Vs Polishing Commercial Floors

covid-19 cleaning and disinfecting services in calgary

Floor buffing and floor polishing are two methods of restoring that eye-catching sparkle to your commercial floor using high-tech and assisted machines. While both methods use specialized equipment and get your floors nice and shiny, they have different purposes and functions.   What’s the difference between buffing and polishing you ask? Though both are often used […]

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Keeping Your Dental Office Clean & Safe

Disinfectant Services to COVID-19 Positive Infected Areas | Picture Perfect Cleaning

Patients trust you to provide a safe space for them to have their dental work. Clean reception areas, spotless bathrooms, tidy offices, and sanitized treatment areas are all must-haves to keep your patients and staff healthy and comfortable.   In this article, we’ll explain the importance of each area and how to keep it clean and […]

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