Cleaning the Modern Office

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Cleaning the Modern Office
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Are you working in a modern office? Have you noticed the switch from isolating cubicles to open workstations? The modern office’s aim is to get colleagues to interact and collaborate. Many offices of big companies take this new model seriously because it has proven to increase productivity, increase employee satisfaction and create a more comfortable and inspiring environment to work in. Now, the modern office has more than cubicles, chairs, conference rooms and the break room. It can have multiple couches, beanbags, comfortable chairs, large open worktables and other lounge areas. Lets just say, there is a lot more to be looked after in terms of cleaning and maintenance. This is why you need a modern cleaning company who can set the perfect cleaning plan to take care of your modern office!
Upholstery cleaning
With the increase of couches, chairs and other furniture, upholstery cleaning is absolutely essential to remove allergens and clean dust and debris. It’s highly important to effectively maintain these impurities as food and debris can wear at furniture and affect its fibers. Sometimes, these stains are invisible to the naked eye –so even if something looks okay, it may not actually be what it seems!
Another key reason to have your upholstery cleaned regularly is to increase the life of your furniture. If you have an old couch that needs some love, a good clean could be what it needs to bring it back to shape. Save money on new furniture by revitalizing that old couch!
Finally, first impressions count. Dirty furniture won’t cut it to visitors who expect the clean, modern office and your employees will likely feel that way too. The cleanliness of your furniture impacts the entire office – so let professional cleaners help you keep it looking sharp and clean.
Sanitization is a highly important aspect cleaning the modern office. Since there are more areas that people will frequent, there is a higher chance of germs spreading – especially during cold and flu season. When workers go home sick frequently, it costs you, the business. And did you know that fabrics for instance, are breeding grounds for viruses? Yuck! Avoid germs by hiring professional cleaners to regularly sanitize your office’s surfaces and furniture. It will make a world of a difference to the health of your employees and your business.
If your modern business is in need of a professional cleaning service, work with us. We offer customizable cleaning solutions for your office in two locations: Calgary and Edmonton. Let us help you target the crucial areas of your office to keep your business running smoothly!

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