Looking Forward & Giving Back

If you’ve worked with us in any capacity, you know first-hand that Picture Perfect Cleaning is so much more than a janitorial company. You’d also know that we “walk the talk” – our integrity is one of our greatest assets.

To further demonstrate our commitment to our vision, we’ve created the People, Planet, Community Initiative – because that’s what PPC is all about.

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PPC Funding & Events

Here’s how it works:

  1. With every appointment we make for a quote, we transfer $10 to the PPC Initiative Fund. For each new contract we sign, we transfer an additional $25.
  2. Using this fund as a base, we host a community-involvement initiative four times a year. These events can be anything from helping out at the SPCA to working with the Mustard Seed.
  3. Every 3 months, our managers take turns choosing which organization our quarterly event is dedicated to, how we will help that organization, and oversee the event on the day. This is their opportunity to demonstrate leadership in our community and show up for a cause that matters to them and their team.

Are you part of an establishment and think you could benefit from the PPC Initiative? Are you one of our clients, and want to get more involved? Just want to know a bit more about it all? We’d love to hear from you!

Picture Perfect Cleaning team at a homeless shelter

Organizations We’ve Supported