How We Build the Best Teams in the Business

Perfection is Our Passion!

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How We Build the Best Teams in the Business

The key to our success is our people. Working with great people allows us to offer unmatched accountability because of our highly-trained cleaning staff.
We invest in a team of people that are skillful, dedicated, and trustworthy. These are the kind of people that perform their work with pride.
Speaking of pride, we are proud to employ people that embody those qualities and it shows: we treat our team like family.

The Right People Make All the Difference

Our staff are the face of our business. When you let them into your office, warehouse, or other commercial space, they are not only there to perform a needed service, but also to represent our business.
Having the right people makes all the difference.
We follow a simple concept that allows us to ensure we only work with great people: hiring slow, and firing fast.

What it Means to “Hire Slow”

The last thing that we want to do when making an important business decision is rush things. This goes with anything, but it’s especially true when it comes to our staff.
Our comprehensive and rigorous hiring process allows us to thoroughly vet every applicant before they join our team. It’s important to us that we only hire people that embody the same values that drive us here at Picture Perfect.
There are many benefits to hiring slow:

  • We always hire the “right” person – We work hard to create an environment that is positive for everyone. Our staff are like family (only, we get to choose this family). When we look at expanding our team, we look for people that will help build us up.
  • We hire the right amount of people – Our hiring process gives us opportunities to properly assess our needs. We match our personnel needs to the needs of our clients, and we only hire the people needed to provide great service. This allows us to stay lean and mean, and those cost savings are passed down to you.
  • We hire exactly who we need – We refuse to make concessions when it comes to choosing staff. We take our time and find the right person. This methodology benefits everyone, but especially your business.

As they say, “if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”

Why We “Fire Fast”

We want to clarify: we don’t fire at the drop of the hat. That’s not what we mean by “fire fast”.
When people make mistakes (as we all do), we provide coaching and mentorship. Most performance concerns are quickly corrected with guidance and training- and we’re happy to provide both.
We “fire fast” when a concern extends beyond a simple performance issue, but an attitude or “fit” issue.
For any business, including ours, it’s important to have all members of the team working toward achieving the same goal. This communal understanding, which extends to not only performance goals but also company culture and environment goals, is part of what makes a strong team so… strong.
When we identify someone who isn’t living up to those expectations, we are quick to terminate them. This is in everyone’s best interests: they move on to a job for suited to their tastes and we are able to invest in a new staff member that embodies our values. In the end, this means better and more reliable service for our clients.

When It Comes to Commercial Cleaning, We’re the Right People

We hope that sharing a bit about our hiring processes and how we evaluate our staff helps you understand what makes Picture Perfect Cleaning a great fit for your needs.
As one of Calgary and Edmonton’s only dedicated commercial cleaning companies, we hope you will consider us when deciding on a partner to maintain the cleanliness of your space.

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