The importance of client relationship building, creating accountability and clarity

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The importance of client relationship building, creating accountability and clarity

The Importance of Client Relationship Building, Creating Accountability and Clarity

The business world is as diverse, competitive, and saturated as it’s ever been. The oil price downturn and seemingly ever-constant fear of layoffs and cutbacks has taken its toll on the Albertan economy, and on Calgary in particular.
However, we also think that this has created an opportunity for businesses to assert themselves and to adapt to challenging new circumstances. We’re ready to show our clients how we value and service our relationships.
For us, we are taking this recession as an opportunity to strengthen our relationships with new and current clients.

Relationships Are the Most Important Part of Our Business

We recognize the need for trust and honesty in our relationships with our clients. Due to the nature of what we do, we get to know our clients on a personal level. In a way, we occupy the same workspace- just at different times and in different capacities.

Our Relationships Are Based on Trust

Over the years we have learned the importance of building trust and demonstrating that our clients are right to place their trust in us. It is our commitment to you that we always work to build and preserve that trust, and to never break it.
Whether you have a professional or retail space, occupied by staff or open to the public, there is always a sense of belonging for everyone that occupies it. Our offices become our homes away from home, and it’s important that the people that interact with and clean that space respect that.

  • All our cleaning staff are screened vetted prior to hiring
  • All our cleaning staff are licensed, bonded, and insured
  • All our cleaning staff are properly trained
  • All our cleaning staff are fairly compensated and valued, and they take pride in what they do

We place as much effort as needed into finding the right type of person to join our company. When you work with Picture Perfect Cleaning, you are working with a company that you can trust.

We Believe in Open & Honest Communication

In our minds, honesty and transparency go hand in hand with trust. In the cleaning world, this means being clear about our processes and pricing. We don’t believe in hidden fees, and we are transparent about exactly what is included in our cleaning services.
Whenever possible, we will clarify your needs and ensure that our proposed solution properly meets those needs. By clearly communicating our next steps, we ensure that you are 100% aware of the services we provide.

We Are Accountable to Our Cleaning Services

As one of Alberta’s fastest growing commercial cleaning companies, our product is multifaceted. We do more than just clean, even if most of what we do for our clients is a direct result of our cleaning.

  • We save time.
  • We empower staff and improve morale.
  • We preserve your brand integrity.
  • We keep your space more appealing, open, and inviting.
  • We let you focus on your business.

However, we understand more than anyone that we don’t provide those benefits without being accountable to our work. Our clients don’t want to have to spot check our work every time we come, and we can eliminate those value concerns by providing very clear outlines of what we do and when we do it.
We are accountable to our clients so that we continue to drive excellent value to them. By being consistent in our quality and checking in with our clients to ensure that we are meeting their satisfaction, we foster a relationship based on trust and clearly defined requirements.

Cleaning Solutions Personalized for Your Business

Every space is different. Whether your space is a dental office, school, or place of worship, we will deliver a customized cleaning program that meets your needs and provides you the consistent level of cleanliness that you expect when working with a professional cleaning company.

We Want an Opportunity to Earn Your Business

If you are looking to partner with a new provider to handle your cleaning needs, we want to talk to you! We are confident that you’ll find our services and business model to be a great fit for your company.
Get in touch with us: Calgary, Edmonton.

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