How to Prevent Workplace Illness: Hire the Right Cleaning Company

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How to Prevent Workplace Illness: Hire the Right Cleaning Company

There has been much ado about sick building syndrome, indoor air quality, and air pollution in the media in recent years, and can’t say that we blame them. We spend more of our time working indoors in modern times than we ever have, and the quality of the air we breathe at the office plays a big part in our health. Employee sick time costs businesses a lot in lost productivity and medical costs, so knowing how to prevent workplace illness is essential to running a successful operation. You might not realize it, but getting the right cleaning company could be your ticket to a healthy office.
Cleaning stops cross contamination
Most people who get sick in the office do so because of cross contamination. This means that people with germs touch a surface and then someone else touches it, contracting whatever ailment that they have. A professional cleaning company will thoroughly wipe down and eliminate nearly all harmful germs so that your employees don’t get each other sick. You might want to tell them not to come to work when they aren’t feeling well, too!
Using the right chemicals
A great cleaning company will use chemicals that are not harmful to people’s bodies. You can’t just buy any old cleaner, toss it in a bucket, and slabber it all over the place. Indoor chemicals have been shown to be harmful when breathed in. Consider that we spend nearly 90% of our time indoors these days, and this leads to a lot of respiratory issues for employees. We use only natural, green, and non-harmful chemicals at our company. We take your health seriously.
Cleaning carpets eliminates dust
Having carpet in your business might be necessary for maintaining temperature or appearance, but no doubt that it traps dust and other harmful particles. This clogs people’s airways and lungs, and leads to headaches, lethargy, general sickness or even infections. More and more employees are calling in sick because they have respiratory issues, and even when they do come in, having headaches or lack of energy leads to lost production. A company that performs proper carpet cleaning to clear of all harmful dust will go a long way in improving the performance of your office.
Lowered productivity and sickness contributes to an estimated $60 billion in lost production each business year. That is a staggering figure. The key to preventing workplace illness is getting the right cleaning company to ensure that germs and harmful particles like dust are thoroughly eliminated. Picture Perfect Cleaning is the Calgary area’s most experienced and thorough cleaning service, and we know what it takes to keep your office healthy and productive.

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