Office Deep Cleaning: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

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Office Deep Cleaning: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?
What is office deep cleaning and why you need it-min

Keeping clean should not be limited to your home! A clean working environment makes a huge impact on the success of your business and the health of your employees.  While it is important to maintain daily tasks like taking out the garbage and wiping down desks, a regular deep cleaning of the office is also a good idea. A deep clean removes harmful elements such as allergens, dust, mold and other germs to help maintain a pleasant and hygienic working environment.  This will keep your employees happy, healthy and more productive!


So what is a deep clean? 

Basically a deep clean involves a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of all office nooks and crannies that are often overlooked. This includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Flooring

All furniture should be removed for a thorough vacuuming of carpets and scrubbing of floors.  No edges or corners should be missed!

  1. Anywhere dust accumulates

These include all the places you may not think to clean, or don’t get cleaned daily. Dust and harmful particles can accumulate on hard to reach places such as tall cabinets, ledges, vents, door frames, etc. and should be thoroughly wiped down. Also, all baseboards, window blinds and even decor needs to be attended to.

  1. Walls

Walls should be cleaned of any visible spots or dirt and also inspected for damp or mold.

  1. Touch Points

Disinfecting touch points, such as light switches, door knobs, key pads, computer mice, elevator buttons, telephones, and any other common place that is often touched require a proper disinfect, with proper chemical and dwell times.

  1. Kitchens

The insides and outsides of all cupboards need to be wiped down and organized. Also, appliances like the fridge and microwaves should be moved to clean behind and underneath, as well as inside.

  1. Bathrooms

While bathrooms should of course be regularly maintained, they should be cleaned more intensely during a deep clean. There’s not much worse than a gross bathroom! Any walls and floors should be scrubbed down, much like the rest of the office space.  Not only do the toilets need to be cleaned, but also the surrounding areas such as the walls around and behind them. Sinks and chrome taps should be checked for any scum or limestone buildup. Any doors, dryers, etc. will need a wipe down.

  1. Windows

Along with any coverings, the windows themselves will need to be cleaned on both the inside and outside.


How often should an office be deep cleaned? 

You should aim to deep clean the office at least once a quarter, but this can depend on factors such as the type of business and the number of employees.

There is nothing like a clean office to provide a welcoming space for your employees. It sends the message that you value their time and safety, which is why a regular deep clean, combined with daily maintenance, cannot be overlooked. While shutting down for a deep clean might seem like a pain, the best way to ensure a good quality job is to hire a professional office cleaning service. This will save time and give you the security of knowing you are in a clean, germ-free working environment.

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