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PPC: People, Planet, Community
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At Picture Perfect Cleaning we do so much more than keep your business or office clean and tidy. We empower our employees, we help take care of our planet, and we actively participate in our community.


Supporting Our Team Members

Even the best business is nothing without its employees. We care about our employees, and we want to make sure that they understand that they are valued and respected members of our team. To help us achieve this, we constantly ask ourselves how we can make working at Picture Perfect Cleaning the best job someone will ever have. All employers can go through the motions, exchanging money for labour, but we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We are never content to do the bare minimum.

To help our employees feel valued, respected, and safe, we always ensure that they are paid on time and get the time off they need to connect with their families, relax, and rejuvenate. We aren’t here to be the boss: We are here to help our custodians meet their goals by supporting them and providing them with the tools they need to succeed and flourish. Our business operates 24/7, which allows us to match our employees with jobs and shifts that meet their schedule, not the other way around. All of our employees enjoy freedom and flexibility when it comes to work, and know that we are always there to support them.

It’s easy for a company to focus on the bad things, but at Picture Perfect Cleaning we understand the importance of positive reinforcement. When one of our team members goes above and beyond, we acknowledge that. When someone is slipping, we take the time to ask them what is wrong and come to a solution together instead of just criticizing them and moving on.

Empowering Newcomers

At Picture Perfect Cleaning we understand that many Canadian newcomers face barriers when it comes to employment. Whether a newcomer has credentials that don’t transfer, didn’t have the opportunity to gain the education they wanted, or are still improving their English it can be difficult for newcomers to find jobs when they arrive. The janitorial industry has long been in a position to provide struggling newcomers with consistent work. Unfortunately, at Picture Perfect Cleaning we also know that many unscrupulous janitorial companies take advantage of vulnerable newcomers, who often aren’t in a position to complain or fight back.

At Picture Perfect Cleaning we strive to empower new Canadians, helping them build up their skills and confidence in a caring and respectful environment.

Our Annual Summer BBQ

To celebrate our fantastic team, we host a massive BBQ every summer to thank our employees for all their hard work. There we mingle with our team and their families and celebrate the family-like atmosphere we try to cultivate every day. One of our owners, Aaron, makes and grills the burgers. We listen to music from all around the world, offer games and face painting for the kids, and give out prizes.

Our Annual Christmas Party

Our annual Christmas parties are the talk of the office. Every year we book space at a nice restaurant and bring together all of our staff and their families for a full meal and dessert. During our Christmas party, we take time to acknowledge our team members who have hit their five-year milestone and offer them a variety of thank you prizes. This year our prizes included flat screen TVs, laptops, luggage sets, and more. Our Christmas party is a great way for Picture Perfect Cleaning to thank all of our hardworking employees and let them know how grateful we are for their hard work.


Environmental Stewardship

We only have one earth, and at Picture Perfect Cleaning we believe that it is our responsibility as human beings to care for it. We work hard to reduce our ecological footprint by using high-quality, environmentally sustainable, and low-impact products and cleaning techniques. That is why we choose EcoLogo and Green Seal products whenever possible.

Today eco-friendly products are incredibly accessible and provide excellent results that are as good as or even better than traditional cleaning products. As part of our health and safety initiatives, we have strict guidelines governing the chemicals and equipment we use so that we can ensure that our high environmental standards are always met.

Improved Productivity

Our decision to favour eco-friendly products impacts more than just the environment. By choosing as many environmentally friendly products as we can, we can help improve the air quality in the buildings we clean, keeping our employees and our client’s employees healthier. This, in turn, means that employees get sick less, take fewer sick days, and are more productive.

Lower Costs, More Customer Savings

Our use of environmentally friendly products also helps our bottom line. Using green products affords us a lower insurance rate because it means there is a lower chance of our employees becoming ill or injured on the job. This lower insurance rate means less overhead costs, and we pass the savings onto our customers.  


As active members of our community, we understand the importance of giving back. Picture Perfect Cleaning works hard to help support the most vulnerable members of our community through a variety of hands-on charitable initiatives. One of our most common charitable giving initiatives is to purchase and serve food to hungry and vulnerable individuals and families. In the past, we have partnered with The Mustard Seed, The Drop In Centre, and Feed the Hungry to help us support those amongst us who need a helping hand.

We also donate to a company called HomeSpace, who is also one of our clients. To help improve our community we give back 20% of their total bill as a charitable donation so that they can continue to help eliminate poverty in Calgary by providing affordable housing to vulnerable families and individuals.

At Picture Perfect Cleaning we believe in being more than just a janitorial company. We work hard to empower our team members, give back to our community, and safeguard our planet for future generations.

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