An Easier Way To Keep Your Industrial Space Clean

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An Easier Way To Keep Your Industrial Space Clean
Industrial Cleaning Service

Picture Perfect Cleaning Protects Your Employees With A Cleaner, Safer, & More Productive Work Environment

If you work in or manage an industrial site, you know how important it is to maintain a clean and sanity workspace. The build-up of dirt and grime on or around heavy machinery not only looks bad and breeds illness-causing germs, but directly puts employees’ lives at risk.

An unclean work environment reduces productivity, causes more employee absences, and increases the risk of workplace accidents that lead to serious injury or even death.  

Our Number One Priority? Your Safety

There are few spaces that present the kinds of cleaning challenges you find in the industrial sectors. Working in warehouses and factories with heavy-duty equipment and hazardous materials comes with an increased safety risk. 

You need a cleaning company with the expertise, equipment, and experience to get the job done right.

Beyond keeping your facility clean, we provide a safer and more enjoyable working environment for your employees.  

Providing A Wide Range Of Industrial Cleaning Services

Picture Perfect Cleaning can accommodate cleaning services anywhere you need them. 

No matter the type of dirt, grime, or grease, our industrial-strength cleaning products and equipment cut through even to the toughest residues. Some of our industrial cleaning services include:

  • Hard surface scrubbing and cleaning
  • Equipment cleaning 
  • Floor maintenance, stripping, and cleaning
  • Grout cleaning
  • Ceiling and wall cleaning
  • Cleaning of buildings, concrete, and car parks
  • Waste removal
  • Kitchen area cleaning 
  • And much more…

We Take The Time To Understand Your Site’s Safety Requirements

In order for your site to run at peak efficiency, you need a cleaning company that understands how to meet safety, quality, and environmental standards. Picture Perfect Cleaning goes the extra mile to review and discuss your site’s safety and quality requirements and ensuring they’re met every time.

From heavy equipment and machinery to paints, lubricants, and metal shavings, we assess and discuss all challenges, risks, and hazardous materials present and build our cleaning regiment around the conditions of your workplace.

The safety of your employees and ours within industrial and manufacturing facilities need to be a top priority. That’s why we provide our janitorial experts with additional training on how to remain safe around your heavy-duty machinery and higher-risk working environments. 

Cleaning Around Your Busy Schedule

Working with industrial sites means being flexible with schedules. Need us to work on Saturday? We’ll be there. Need us to come in at 3 am? You can count on us. No matter when and where your site operates, we’ll work around your schedule to get the job done.

Delivering Unmatched Cleaning Service To Your Site 

Not every janitorial company you come across is equipped to handle the demands of cleaning within the industrial sector. The specialist team at Picture Perfect Cleaning comes with years of experience cleaning a huge range of warehousing and manufacturing facilities just like yours. We tailor every cleaning service to match your individual needs and requirements.   Call Picture Perfect Cleaning today and discover our dirt-free guarantee!

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