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Professional Spa & Health Care Cleaning Services

Spas & health care facilities contain high traffic areas and at-risk demographics. Picture Perfect Cleaning knows it’s crucial to have a clean and sanitized environment for workers and patients in the health care sector. With the proper tools and expertise to clean your facility, you’ll reduce the chances of hospital acquired infections in patients and staff.
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Relax, & We’ll Do the Rest

When it comes to spas, medical clinics and health facilities, we appreciate how thorough the cleaning standard needs to be. Individuals visit these places to benefit and aid their health, not compromise it with contagions and discomfort. Picture Perfect Cleaning gets it – in fact, we get it well enough to build a thriving business around this understanding.

Why Choose Us for Your Medical Office Cleaning Services?

  • We take care of our team and support their growth (this results in better cleans from happier cleaners!)
  • We support the communities that we live in
  • Our business is nearly a decade old, with well over 100 custodians across Calgary & Edmonton
  • Because we want to work for you!
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Focus on Your Business

We appreciate that the cleanliness of your business can have an extreme impact on its reputation. If a spot is missed and someone notices, this could be enough to prevent their return – or even stop others from coming in. By maintaining a clean, calm, welcoming environment for you, we open up time and space for you to focus on every other detail that needs your attention.

A Cleaner Clean

All of our employees are thoroughly trained to use standardized methods and products safely and efficiently for great results. We use hospital-grade disinfectant to clean all surfaces that people may come into contact with, and find a sustainable schedule that works for everyone so that you don’t need to worry about surprises.

We’d Love to Show You the Difference

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What We Do For You

At PPC, we take a lot of pride in the work we do. Every cleaning job – no matter the size – is approached with total respect and genuine care for your business.

We offer a variety of high-calibre cleaning services for our ongoing commercial clients such as salon cleaning & dental cleaning. Regardless of the schedule required, we will carefully curate a custom janitorial program that suites your needs.

Please ask for more details on our services and additional services offered to ongoing clients.

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Our Mission Statement

Picture Perfect Cleaning’s mission is to provide a world class, healthy and safe, “wow,” commercial cleaning experience to the valued businesses we serve, as well as, to our well selected custodians and management team.

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Included For Every Client


Unparalleled Service

Picture Perfect Cleaning is incredibly proud of the culture we have built within our company. We prioritize communication and teamwork, and it shows: you’ll never be left wondering about the work we do, or how we do it.


Impeccable Work

By encouraging and listening to client feedback, we ensure that we meet your business’ needs with the same quality and reliability that we offer all of our clients. We set standards that we are accountable to, and then add the extra mile for good measure.


Fair Pricing

Different establishments have different needs, but that shouldn’t compromise the service they receive. We work hard to understand your needs and expectations before we even deliver a quote.


Performance Spot Checks

Once we’ve established the right cleaning routine for your business, we will regularly check in with you to ensure your expectations are being met. Our operations managers perform regular checks on our cleaners’ work for additional confidence.


Green Cleaning

Picture Perfect Cleaning uses products that you can trust. Our cleaning supplies are certified environmentally friendly from third parties such as EcoLogo and Green Seal.


Bonded & Insured

All of our staff are well taken care of, and that includes legally. Picture Perfect Cleaning is fully bonded, licensed, and insured, so that you can enjoy your sparkling establishment with a peaceful mind. It’s not our habit to sweep things under the rug.

Frequently Asked Questions

For our spa and healthcare facilities, we ensure that floors, walls, desks, bathrooms, garbage, and carpet vacuuming are all regularly completed. Depending on the needs of the facility, we also clean tubs, saunas, and bathing areas. We are happy to accommodate the unique needs of our clients by customizing our services and taking on new skills.

All of our custodians take part in an ongoing, in-depth training process that ensures all facilities are cleaned using appropriate methods and products. We “think green” with the types of cleaning agents we use, and maintain a high standard of organization when it comes to what cleaning tools are used where. For example, our microfibre cloths are all colour coded to eliminate the chances of cross contamination. These systems and methods were devised in healthcare spaces to ensure the safety of our clients and their clients/patients is maintained.

We are also working towards being COR certified, which meets all provincial health standards.

We are always available! There’s not an hour that goes by when Picture Perfect Cleaning isn’t hard at work. Whatever your schedule may be – we’re confident we can make it happen.

Absolutely! At Picture Perfect Cleaning, we pride ourselves on being solution oriented and doing whatever it takes to facilitate our clients. Even if you have a need that we have not filled for other clients, if you are willing to provide training, there is nothing that our dedicated team can’t do.

Picture Perfect Cleaning was founded on flexibility. We offer our quotes based on what our clients need – not what we think they need. For more information on our services, pricing, and scheduling, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.


We are proud to be 100% bonded and insured. We take the safety and wellbeing of our staff extremely seriously, so it’s a no-brainer that we maintain the best coverage possible.

Yes, we have a very professional and well-rounded service agreement in place. If you would like to know more about it, please contact us, and we would be happy to discuss.

We have been working with various healthcare facilities and spas for approximately 9 years as of 2019. We have a variety of clients in this industry, from dental offices to hair salons, many of whom have been with us long term. If you would like to inquire further about a reference, please contact us here. If you would like to read about the work we have done, you can view testimonials here.

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