Be The Bird – Building a Culture for Growth

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Be The Bird – Building a Culture for Growth
Be the Bird

From humble beginnings, our janitorial company has experienced remarkable growth. Starting by cleaning two coffee shops, we now celebrate servicing over 225 properties in Alberta, as well, a small portfolio in Ontario and BC. As we continue to expand, I constantly reflect on how we can preserve our exceptional culture and execution.

After much reflection and reading on culture, I formulated one of Picture Perfect Cleaning’s most important philosophies…BE THE BIRD. Let me explain what this means.

The sight of a flock of starling birds flying together in perfect synchronization is a captivating natural phenomenon. These birds move in unison, creating intricate patterns in the sky, almost as if they are a single organism. This remarkable coordination is achieved through a combination of visual perception, social interaction, and a unique form of communication. As individual starlings observe the movements of their neighbors, they adjust their flight path, accordingly, maintaining a consistent distance and direction. This continuous feedback loop allows for rapid adjustments and results in the harmonious, almost choreographed, movements that define the awe-inspiring flight of starlings.

The mesmerizing display of coordinated flight, to me, is the perfect metaphor for effective teamwork, collaboration and most importantly, building a contagious culture that spreads. In the context of business culture, the relationship between starling birds flying together and organizational dynamics can offer valuable insights.

Common Goal

Just like starling birds, Picture Perfect Cleaning thrives when we work in harmony, aligning our efforts towards a common goal. The synchronized flight of starlings reflects the importance of clear communication and shared objectives within our organization. We know Picture Perfect Cleaning must always maintain a strong culture based on effective communication channels and shared values that can foster collaboration, innovation, and adaptability. Our team must be aligned and understand the overall vision. Only then can we move together in a coordinated manner, responding to market changes and challenges with agility.


The fluid movements of starling flocks also highlight the need for flexibility and adaptability in today’s dynamic business environment. As the flock adjusts its flight path in response to external factors such as wind currents or predator threats, Picture Perfect Cleaning must be able to pivot and adjust our strategies based on market shifts, technological advancements, and evolving customer needs. A culture that encourages experimentation, embraces change, and promotes continuous learning enables organizations to stay responsive and thrive amidst uncertainty.


Furthermore, the beauty of starling murmurations lies in the collective intelligence and decentralized decision-making processes. Each bird in the flock responds to its immediate neighbors, without a central leader or controller dictating their movements. Similarly, Picture Perfect Cleaning empowers our team to make autonomous decisions and by encouraging decentralized decision-making we enhance agility and foster innovation. We make sure our team feels trusted and empowered, so they can take ownership of their work, make swift decisions, and contribute to the overall success of Picture Perfect Cleaning.


The phenomenon of starling murmurations also teaches us the importance of trust and cohesion within teams. The birds’ ability to fly together so seamlessly stems from a shared trust and a strong sense of cohesion among the group. Likewise, Picture Perfect Cleaning prioritizes building trust, fostering a sense of belonging, and promoting positive relationships among team members to encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mutual support. This cohesive environment enhances employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity.


In summary, the relationship between starling birds flying together and culture within Picture Perfect Cleaning emphasizes the significance of effective communication, adaptability, decentralized decision-making, trust, and cohesion. By drawing inspiration from this natural phenomenon, Picture Perfect Cleaning can cultivate a culture that enables our team to work together harmoniously, respond to challenges with agility, and achieve collective success, while growing at a rapid pace. Just as the coordinated flight of starlings leaves spectators in awe, a thriving organizational culture at Picture Perfect Cleaning inspires employees and propels our business towards new heights.

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