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Best Practices for Maintaining a Clean Car Dealership: Tips from the Pros

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Best Practices for Maintaining a Clean Car Dealership: Tips from the Pros
Best Practices for Maintaining a Clean Car Dealership: Tips from the Pros
Best Practices for Maintaining a Clean Car Dealership: Tips from the Pros
Best Practices for Maintaining a Clean Car Dealership: Tips from the Pros

Appearances matter for car dealerships and a shiny, clean working environment will have a direct impact on sales. If you’re hoping to sell a customer a new vehicle, a great first impression is so important. If your customer can see that you keep a clean and professional-looking dealership then they will trust that your vehicles are also well maintained. A clean space will make your cars seem more appealing and lead to a pleasant buying experience. It’s not just your vehicles that need to be kept clean! If you’re not sure where else to start, here are some pro tips on the best practices for maintaining a clean car dealership.

1. Keep your Floors Sparkling

Your showroom floors should be spotless and shining. Every morning before opening, take the time to sweep or dry mop any loose dirt and debris and give a good mop. Be sure to use the correct floor cleaner for the floor type in your dealership. As necessary, your floors should be professionally buffed or polished from time to time. Shiny floors will show off your vehicles and keeping your floors clean and free of hazards can also prevent any slips or accidents. 

2. Keep Your Windows Clean and Streak-Free

Clear, clean, grime-free windows are an absolute must for a car dealership. Allowing the natural light to shine in and show off your vehicles in the best lighting will lead to an overall more inviting space and help boost your sales. Windows should be cleaned every day and free of any fingerprints or other dirt.  

3. Wipe High-Touch Surfaces Frequently

Germs and other bacteria can quickly build up on high-touch areas such as doorknobs, light switches, etc. These areas need to be wiped down with a good disinfectant a few times a day to prevent illness in the workplace. Happy, healthy employees will be more productive and your customers will feel good knowing that you are keeping their health and safety a priority.  

4. Keep Your Bathrooms Clean

Nobody wants to use a dirty public bathroom and a car dealership is no exception. The cleanliness of your bathrooms will reflect on your entire business and an unhygienic space can quickly turn away a potential buyer. Toilets and sinks need to be regularly cleaned, trash taken out frequently, and like the rest of your dealership, a clean floor is a must.    

5. Consider Hiring a Professional

A professional cleaning service is the best way to keep on top of regular cleaning for your car dealership. Professional cleaners will have the proper products and know-how to keep your business looking its best. This will save you a lot of time and you can stick to what you know best – selling cars!

These are just a few pro tips on maintaining a clean car dealership, but remember that this is not an extensive list. It’s not just your showroom that needs to be presentable, but all areas of your business. An overall clean dealership will impress your customers and make them more confident in your business, leading to a huge impact on sales!

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