Protecting The Health & Well-Being of Your Building Tenants

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Protecting The Health & Well-Being of Your Building Tenants
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In the 21st century, more and more of our time is spent indoors. The digital age of movies, food, and entertainment is at our fingertips, and almost anything we need for survival and comfort can be delivered right to our door. 

Advances in technology and the recent pandemic have increased the number of people working from home, making it easier than ever to become homebodies.

Buildings must keep in pristine cleanliness to avoid illness and promote comfort in the spaces we’re spending an increasing amount of time in.

One of the best ways you can promote cleanliness and well-being for your condo tenants and anyone entering your building is to understand how air quality and other building practices affect your tenants. 

Through clean condo building practices, you can foster a safe, clean, and enjoyable living environment for your tenants and visitors. 

Improving Air Quality

As a building manager, one of the most important questions you can ask yourself is “are my tenants breathing well?” and, “Is the air quality inside my building as clean as it should be?”

Air quality within a building is affected by multiple elements from both inside and outside. 

Allergens composed mainly of dust, mold, and pests are found everywhere inside a building. Dead skin cells and dander easily infiltrate nearly any building and land on any surface causing a range of negative and dangerous allergic reactions.

Chemicals, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), various scents as well as outdoor air pollution can all stick to surfaces and make their way into peoples living spaces.  

Mold and other bacteria can easily grow throughout a tenancy or building if not properly ventilated, throwing dangerous mold spores throughout and risking the health and safety of your tenants. 

Updating Building Practices

In addition to improving the air quality of a building, there are several other recommendations you can make to improve the health and well-being of your tenants.

  • Improving access to high-quality and safe water
  • Encouraging better food habits and culture
  • Promote better lighting systems
  • Encourage fitness and exercise as part of daily living
  • Foster a comfortable and creative environment

Letting The Sunshine In

Sunshine is critically important for optimal health, but as we spend more and more time inside, it can be hard to get all the sunshine our bodies need. Making sure the windows of your building are clean and streak-free ensures that the sun shines bright through the building. Added sunshine has been shown to lower blood pressure, lighten the mood, and promote better sleeping habits.  

How Does Air Quality Improvement Affect Health?

Tenants living with poor air quality conditions can experience negative short and long-term health effects. Short-term side effects can include irritated eyes, nose, and throat, to frequent sneezing, coughing, dizziness and headaches. 

Prolonged exposure can lead to fatigue and lethargy, increased sensitivity to allergens, and more severe asthma flareups. All of this results in a less comfortable and potentially dangerous environment for your tenants and visitors to be in.  

The Role Of Facility Managers

Facility managers play a crucial role in the health and safety of tenants and visitors by enacting and controlling safety measures to sharing important information. With healthy and sustainable building trends on the rise, building managers and facility managers are on the front line to help promote a healthier, safer, and more comfortable place to live, work and enjoy. 

Picture Perfect Janitorial Services Are Here For You

Fighting poor indoor air quality is no easy task. But the good news is that Picture Perfect Cleaning is here to help. A clean building environment requires the service of a professional, reputable, and trusted cleaning company that tailors its cleaning services to meet the needs of each individual building and manager.

We focus on the satisfaction of you and your tenants, offering customized cleaning services and using non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning products.  

Our Services

No matter what your building’s janitorial requirements are, Picture Perfect Cleaning gets the job done. Some of our ongoing building services include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Taking Out Garbage
  • Sweeping & Mopping
  • Sanitizing and cleaning all surfaces and the air
  • Window washing
  • Parking lot care

We clean any commercial space including offices & retail, schools & daycares, community centers, auto dealerships, and industrial warehouses and factories.    Call Picture Perfect Cleaning to book an appointment and invest in a brighter, safer, and cleaner future for you and your tenants.

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