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Calgary The Cleanest City in the World | Picture Perfect Cleaning

Being clean has never been more important. With the COVID-19 virus sweeping through the world, suddenly, those who used to think commercial cleaning services in Calgary were not so important are now putting cleanliness at the top of their list.

I write this as encouragement to Calgarians, that not only are we the cleanest city in the world, but cleanliness is steeped in our city’s culture, and extends to our offices, city facilities, schools, and homes. Calgary’s water cleanliness and availability, our sewage systems, traffic flow , waste and recycling programs, our well-maintained streets and lack of air pollution, are as good as it gets.

Calgary is beautiful, clean and has incredible energy

When I moved to Calgary (19 years ago), I was amazed with the clean air, the new buildings, and the fresh feeling I got everywhere I went. Because I went to SAIT and lived on campus, I would jog along Crescent Road NW. I would stop around the bend and look over the city landscape to gaze in wonderment at Calgary’s downtown. I would see a beautiful, clean, and new downtown, that had incredible energy and entrepreneurial spirit. I would dream that I would, somehow, become an important player in Calgary. Little did I know, I would be cleaning Calgary’s toilets. Haha. But, in all honesty, I am so proud to do so!

Picture Perfect Cleaning About Us - Cleanest City In The World
This is the view I used to jog by, dreaming of making it big in Calgary

I genuinely believe that there is something about Calgarians, that they love to be clean, love fresh air, love clean water and, now, ever so important, love a clean work environment.

Calgary has been recognized by many as the cleanest city in the world, and is almost always included  in the top 10 cleanest cities in the world (often #1). If you simply do a Google search for cleanest cities in the world, you will see Calgary on almost every list.

We pride Ourselves in helping keep Calgary Clean with Our Janitorial Services

Picture Perfect Cleaning aims to extend Calgary’s cleanliness to every building that requires janitorial services in the city. Whether it is cleaning services for offices, schools, condos, stores, medical facilities or more, we at Picture Perfect Cleaning pride ourselves on helping to keep Calgary the cleanest city in the world, inside and out.


CALGARY – THE CLEANEST CITY IN THE WORLD | Picture Perfect Cleaning, Inc. — Calgary, Alberta

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