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Cleaning the Eco-Friendly Way
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When nature is viewed solely as a source of profit and gain, this has serious consequences for society.
-Pope Francis
At Picture Perfect Cleaning, we see the whole picture. This isn’t limited to our company vision (although we do believe in a coherent, flexible, and well-developed plan for our business). We believe that everything starts small, and small changes can make a big difference over time.
Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” We believe in those words, and they are part of how we run our business.
The world is facing a large problem right now, and it has been for a while. Environmental damage has become an unavoidable issue. Now, more than ever, people need to adopt the change that they know has to happen in the world. Working in the cleaning business, we see a lot of environmentally troubling and toxic practices. The cleaning business isn’t always known for being environmentally friendly.
How toxic cleaning products can destroy the environment (and your health):

  • What do you mix cleaning solution with and where do you dump it? With water and down the drain, right? Us too. The problem is, if you are using chemicals that are harmful to the environment, you are sending them right down a pipe and stream pathway to the ocean, lakes, and rivers. Once the chemicals have entered the waterways, they cause irreparable damage to both flora and fauna alike.
  • These chemicals aren’t good for humans either. Have you ever felt sick while in a room that is freshly cleaned? That’s because the chemicals linger in the air, causing respiratory and other health problems.

Picture Perfect Cleaning wants to do better by our clients and our environment. That’s why we use green cleaning products as much as we are able to. Our big picture includes a healthy and beautiful environment for our grandchildren, and we’re helping make that happen – one mop bucket at a time.
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