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How to Keep Your Office Clean

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How to Keep Your Office Clean
Clean germ safe lounge area of a building | Picture Perfect Cleaning

If you have a regular cleaning service that is reliable and thorough, you can be assured that the deep cleaning in your building is taken care of and that there will be no health hazards. At Picture Perfect Cleaning, our systemic cleaning methods ensure that your building is kept in sanitary and beautiful condition.
However, depending on how often you have your cleaning service stop by, your building could get a little grimy by the end of the week. Nobody likes working in a grimy space, and dirt and clutter can lower company morale. There are several things that you can do to keep your work space clean and your employees happy.
Stock Cleaning Supplies
If you have a fresh closet full of cleaning supplies, a full thing of dish soap near the sink, and paper towel/all-purpose cleaner accessible, you’ll be surprised at how readily your employees clean. Most people don’t like to work in a grimy space, but a janitor’s closet can be unappealing. Choose cleaning supplies that smell good and come in smaller sizes and put them in visible places.
Take Turns
If someone has to clean the bathroom, make sure that you have a sign-up list so you can keep track of who has taken their turn. This will create a sense of fairness. (Tip: if you find that someone is always cleaning more often than other people, you can reward them with a prize, gift certificate, or other form of recognition at the end of the year!)
Fridge Rules
Make it clear how often and on what day food will be thrown out (and then keep your word). This will stop the fridge accumulation that generally occurs. (Tip: throwing everything out every Friday is a good habit to get into. If employees use items for longer than a week – such as with ketchup or milk – ask them to write their name on the item and “Don’t Throw Out”.)
At Picture Perfect Cleaning, we know that having a clean business is vital part of keeping both clients and employees happy. Give us a call today to find out how our professional cleaning service can help you keep your office space on track.

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