Industrial Cleaning Tips From the Experts at Picture Perfect Cleaning

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Industrial Cleaning Tips From the Experts at Picture Perfect Cleaning
industrial cleaning tips

Industrial buildings, like warehouses, workshops, or factories, are often a hub of activity. Even though the inside of these buildings rarely see customers, this doesn’t make cleanliness any less important. On the contrary, a messy industrial workplace can quickly turn into chaos because of its active nature – workers buzzing like bees, shipments coming in and out, and heavy-duty equipment moving around. A clean space means a safer, healthier environment where employees can thrive and be more productive. But keeping an industrial facility clean comes with many unique challenges. Here are some industrial cleaning tips from the experts at Picture Perfect Cleaning.

1. Keep Floors Clean and Cleared

Floors should be regularly swept, mopped, and cleared of clutter. Trips and falls make up a significant portion of all workplace injuries, especially in a busy warehouse or factory. Spills or other messes need to be promptly wiped up. 

2. Remove All Fire Hazards

Not only can clutter cause an employee injury, but it can also be a fire hazard. Piles of boxes, paper, unsecured chemicals, and combustible dust (such as sawdust, metal, and even some food products) can cause a fire to spread rapidly in a workplace. These items must be properly labelled, stored, and removed from high-traffic areas. Utilize shelving and chemical storage cabinets for flammable or combustible materials. In a fire, you’ll need to ensure your employees have a clear, unimpeded path to evacuate the building safely.

3. Deep Clean All Surfaces

Industrial buildings are often large and complex, and many out-of-reach areas must be noticed. Dirt, dust, and other pathogens can quickly accumulate, triggering allergies and respiratory issues or spreading disease in your workplace. Regularly deep cleaning and sanitizing every nook and cranny in your facility, from the equipment to the walls, will inhibit the spread of germs. This means fewer sick days for your employees and a more productive workplace.  

4. Make Waste Bins Readily Available

Make sure garbage and recycling bins are available throughout your facility. If you’re dealing with hazardous waste, ensure you have the proper storage containers, as per the law. Make sure these bins are used properly and regularly emptied.

5. Hire a Professional

Let’s face it – cleaning an industrial building is a daunting, full-time job. The best way to ensure your facility is properly cleaned is by hiring an experienced cleaning service that can offer you a custom, comprehensive cleaning plan to suit your facility. This will save you time and money by allowing your employees to focus on their jobs without taking on cleaning tasks themselves or being slowed down by a messy workplace. When looking for a professional janitorial service, remember to ask questions, read reviews, and be sure the company has experience working in similar facilities.  

A clean industrial building means a safe workplace. Keeping your factory or warehouse spotless requires time, dedication, and constant vigilance, and only some professional janitorial companies are equipped to handle the specific demands of cleaning within the industrial sector. At Picture Perfect Cleaning, we understand that industrial facilities have unique safety, quality, and environmental standards. Our specialized team has years of experience cleaning a range of warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Call us today!

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