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Proactive COVID Cleanup & Disinfecting Services

Staying proactive and diligent with cleanliness and disinfection considerably decreases your employees’ and customers’ chances of coming into contact with COVID-19. We have the equipment and certification to tackle this for you.
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When there is a pandemic caused by a virus with no vaccine and no cure, the old cliche that prevention is better than cure proves true. One of the best ways companies can ensure they play their roles in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases is to use disinfecting services.

At Picture Perfect Cleaning, we remain committed to helping our clients take a proactive approach. We work with you to determine how often you should consider scheduling school or daycare cleaning  services and then meet those demands. If there are instances of workers or customers testing positive for the virus, we also have the biohazard skills and gear at the ready for cleanup duty. Watch our video here for more information on this:

How We Can Help

As  provinces continue to reopen, we want to help quiet the fear and panic many people feel about moving into “a new normal.” Here’s how.

Attention to Detail

The CDC has warned that even at home, people should thoroughly clean all high-touch surfaces. Commercial disinfecting services that tackle every inch of the office is important, but none more so than cleaning those high-touch surfaces. Our workers know exactly what to look for and what to clean in office and other workspaces. Here are some of the many high-touch areas they look out for:

  • Screens of touch-screen devices, such as kiosks
  • Keypads on devices, such as on office phones
  • Computer devices used for most of the day, such as keyboards
  • Furniture often touched, such as desks and chairs
  • Items used for necessity and safety, such as handrails and doorknobs
  • Public restroom items, such as faucet taps and flush handles
covid-19 cleaning and disinfecting services in calgary

Chemical Expertise

WHO and the CDC issued several advisories regarding the approved chemicals that kill or clean the novel coronavirus. Unfortunately, some of the best chemicals against COVID-19 are the worst for your upholstery and furniture. For instance, hydrogen peroxide can ruin the upholstery and carpeting by bleaching the colors. Similarly, alcohol-based products can quickly penetrate and begin to strip the protective coatings on furniture.

The custodians that carry out our commercial disinfecting services know exactly what chemicals to use on the many different surfaces they come across in your workspace. This protects the investments you have made in your business.

covid-19 cleaning and disinfecting services in calgary

Proper Supplies

The more COVID-19 progresses, the more difficult it becomes for people to gain access to common cleaning items. Amazon, for instance, has famously withheld specific items for frontline workers. The same is true of many of the more traditional suppliers of all the products you need to maintain a healthy and clean environment, even without a public health crisis. Because Picture Perfect Cleaning is a frontline business that serves many other frontline companies, such as health care facilities, we have access to these supplies.

As trained professionals, we also gain access to chemicals and other products that might otherwise prove dangerous to most untrained civilians. Use of these products ensures that when you hire us for commercial disinfecting services, you get a thorough deep-clean of your business.

Watch this video here to see how we train our custodians on proper disinfecting procedures. 



Choosing from Janitorial Companies | Picture Perfect Cleaning

Environmental Concerns

Some companies focus on greener initiatives than others. For these corporations, sustainability and protecting the environment always ranks at the top of the list. Many of the clients who fit into this group also expressed concerns about how chemicals used for cleaning may or may not affect employees and customers.
We use safe chemicals that do not cause harm to people or the environment when used correctly. Still, some chemicals are safer for the environment than others. With this in mind, we work with environment-first companies to ensure our cleaning practices complement their green initiatives without compromising the effectiveness of that deep clean.

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How You Can Help

Scheduling commercial disinfecting services represents only one aspect of what businesses can do to protect employees, customers, and general public health. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

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Encourage Good Hygiene

Most people believe they practice good hygiene. However, one Forbes article shows that up to 97% of people do not wash their hands properly. Some people also do not bother to wash their hands at all. The CDC reports that even after using a public restroom, only 31% of men and 65% of women wash their hands. Encourage workers to take hand-washing more seriously and to use approved alcohol-based sanitizers throughout the day.

Desinfecting a Seniors Facility Positive with COVID-19 | Picture Perfect Cleaning

Provide More Personal Space

Many businesses that have reopened now practice social distancing indoors. For instance, some stores limit how many customers can shop inside at a time. Companies with office spaces might limit how many people can work in the office each day. Some go to extreme lengths, allowing only one person in the office per day while others rely on the six-feet rule for keeping desks apart.

Disinfectant Services to COVID-19 Positive Infected Areas | Picture Perfect Cleaning

Allow Face Coverings

Not all businesses can allow face coverings, but when possible, it helps a great deal. If someone becomes infected, the mask helps to reduce the risk they expose other people to when they breathe, sneeze, or cough. This is because viruses can hang around in droplets in the air. When healthy people wear masks, they further limit potential exposure.

Cleaning a Seniors Facility Positive with COVID-19 | Picture Perfect Cleaning

Protecting Our Calgary Workers and Your Own 


Picture Perfect Cleaning workers play an active role in fighting the novel coronavirus one client at a time. By providing you with the commercial cleaning services in Calgary you need, we play our part in reducing the spread of the virus — and so do you.

While ensuring we protect your workers, we are also committed to protecting our own. To accomplish this, we provide our workers with all the PPE gear they need to stay safe and stay healthy. This further safeguards your business from potential contamination.

Are you ready to schedule professional commercial disinfecting services and welcome our blue team into your office space? Contact our Calgary office today for more information.

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Picture Perfect Cleaning’s mission is to provide a world class, healthy and safe, “wow,” commercial cleaning experience to the valued businesses we serve, as well as, to our well selected custodians and management team.

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Picture Perfect Cleaning is incredibly proud of the culture we have built within our company. We prioritize communication and teamwork, and it shows: you’ll never be left wondering about the work we do, or how we do it.


Impeccable Work

By encouraging and listening to client feedback, we ensure that we meet your business’ needs with the same quality and reliability that we offer all of our clients. We set standards that we are accountable to, and then add the extra mile for good measure.


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Different establishments have different needs, but that shouldn’t compromise the service they receive. We work hard to understand your needs and expectations before we even deliver a quote.


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Once we’ve established the right cleaning routine for your business, we will regularly check in with you to ensure your expectations are being met. Our operations managers perform regular checks on our cleaners’ work for additional confidence.


Green Cleaning

Picture Perfect Cleaning uses products that you can trust. Our cleaning supplies are certified environmentally friendly from third parties such as EcoLogo and Green Seal.


Bonded & Insured

All of our staff are well taken care of, and that includes legally. Picture Perfect Cleaning is fully bonded, licensed, and insured, so that you can enjoy your sparkling establishment with a peaceful mind. It’s not our habit to sweep things under the rug.

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