The Best Qualities of Outstanding Cleaning Service Professionals

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The Best Qualities of Outstanding Cleaning Service Professionals
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When you entrust somebody to clean your office space or commercial property, it’s important to think about the reputation of the company and the type of people they employ. Reliable and effective cleaning is just the beginning of a truly great commercial cleaning service.
As a top cleaning service company, we at Picture Perfect Cleaning hold the personnel we hire to high standards to ensure outstanding service for our clients. We don’t just want to satisfy our clients’ expectations – we want to go above and beyond them.  To build the right team, we look for certain qualities in our employees. Below are some positive qualities of cleaning service professionals that we highly value:

  • A great cleaning service professional can foresee their next move and performs actions fluidly.
  • They are excellent at doing many tasks at once and keep a strong attention to detail.
  • They pick up on the things others don’t always see.
  • They are organized and effective at time management – they efficiently finish all tasks within the assigned time frame, sometimes even with time to spare.
  • They are good planners and display an exceptional work ethic.
  • They are openly communicative, friendly and punctual with their clients.
  • They can handle criticism and feedback and implement it.
  • They follow protocol and can work independently with ease.
  • They work hard and understand the nature of the job is labour-intensive.
  • Their tasks can involve heavy-lifting, bending, crouching and upper-body strength and they do them all promptly, precisely and with care.
  • They understand that their work is important and integral to the functioning of a business.

In addition to the above qualities, it’s important to us at Picture Perfect Cleaning that a cleaning services company as a whole recognizes the importance of sustainability. We are all about using non-toxic, Green Seal Certified products to clean all commercial properties for an added health benefit that serves both our clients and the environment.
Take a look at our range of commercial cleaning services and experience the Picture Perfect Cleaning difference!

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