The Importance of a Clean Salon or Spa

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The Importance of a Clean Salon or Spa
importance of cleaning salon or spa

When you think of the main differences between a good or bad salon experience, one of the first things that come to mind is cleanliness. While you probably understand the importance of cleanliness, it can be difficult to maintain between seeing clients, managing employees, and the other day-to-day tasks of running your salon or spa. However, the importance of a clean salon or spa is essential to your clients’ experience and your business overall.

Improve Client Experience

A clean salon or spa is the standard, not the exception, in the industry. Clients are becoming more aware of the importance of hygiene practices and it’s even becoming common practice in some salons and spas to clean or open new implements in front of clients to show that everything is hygienic.

Ultimately, when your clients visit you, they are coming for an experience. It’s nearly impossible to create a good experience, however, if workspaces are dirty and your client is wondering when the last time someone mopped was. 

Cleanliness is one of the first things clients will notice (and something they won’t forget). If it’s done right, a clean salon or spa creates an environment that allows your clients to have the best experience possible. 

Maintain Safety & Hygiene 

Depending on the regulations in your area, a hygienic salon or spa may actually be required by law. Regulations are becoming stricter in this area, fuelled by client demand for hygienic salon and spa services.

Regardless of the regulations in your area, maintaining hygiene in your salon or spa is essential for both client and employee safety. Even something as simple as sweeping the floors can make a safety difference. Not only are hair trimmings on the floor unsightly, but they can also pose a slipping hazard to your clients and your staff. 

Prevent Cross-Contamination

Preventing cross-contamination is something that your stylists or technicians should be doing every day. They should be sanitizing their tools between each client to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and disease from one client to the next. 

a work station at a nail salon
Nail Salon


Regular cleaning helps prevent the spread of illnesses like athlete’s foot, pinworms, lice, and more serious diseases like hepatitis. Regardless of how diligent your employees are, however, a sanitized tool will become contaminated instantly if it comes into contact with an unclean surface. 

This is where a professional cleaning company can help. Working with the cleaning procedures in place at your salon or spa, professional cleaners can ensure that no surfaces are missed and that your clients get the best experience possible. 

Especially now, with the fear of viruses, like COVID-19, getting a proper disinfection done in your salon or spa is extremely important. We highly recommend using an electrostatic sprayer to completely disinfect your business. Here is a quick one and a half minute video on how it works.
Disinfect your business

Simple Steps for a Clean Salon or Spa

There are cleaning tasks that need to be done between each client and jobs that are best left to the professionals. Basic cleaning tasks that should be done every day between clients include:

  • Cleaning surfaces (chairs, workstations, etc.) 
  • Sanitizing tools 
  • Sweeping hair trimmings, nail trimmings, etc. 
  • Switching out towels, pillow covers, etc.
  • Removing clutter from counters and workstations
  • Mopping wet spots from rain or snow 

In addition to these daily cleaning tasks, your salon or spa should have a regularly scheduled deep clean. How often this needs to be done will depend on how many clients you see and much cleaning you and your staff are prepared to do.

If you have washrooms onsite, for example, and cleaning them isn’t a task that your staff is prepared to do, you should have a cleaning company come once per day. If you and your staff are prepared to do more cleaning, you might have professional cleaners come once a week for a deeper clean. At the very least, you should have professionals come do a thorough clean once per month. 

More reasons to hire a professional cleaning company

There are quite a few advantages to hiring a professional cleaning service for a deep clean. Professional cleaners are trained in how to best clean salon and spa equipment and they can be scheduled to clean after-hours. That means you don’t have to ask employees to stay late or close your business to clean when you could be seeing clients. A professional cleaning will include cleaning things like:

  • Walls
  • Retail shelves/displays
  • Floors (vacuuming and mopping)
  • Washrooms
  • Tubs, bathing areas
  • Saunas

At Picture Perfect Commercial Cleaning, we use the latest cleaning equipment to make sure that every space we enter gets the most thorough cleaning possible. Our experienced team will devise a plan – and stick to it – to ensure your business is looking its best and is safe for both employees and customers. We’ve been working with salons and spas for over 10 years and we know how to keep your space clean.

We offer cleaning services completely customized for your salon or spa. Contact us for a quote and cleaning schedule tailored to your business’ needs.

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