Tips to Keep High-Traffic Areas in Your Facility Clean

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Tips to Keep High-Traffic Areas in Your Facility Clean
keep high traffic areas clean

Keeping a commercial facility clean can be difficult; every business has unique cleaning needs. One thing that most facilities have in common is that some areas will get dirtier faster than others. These high-traffic areas in your facility that see a lot of foot traffic will need extra attention beyond your regular cleaning schedule. We will look at common high-traffic areas and tips to keep your facility sparkling!

1. Entryways

Everyone, from employees to consumers, must pass through your doorway to enter your facility. Not only does this area see a lot of foot traffic, but it’s also the first thing a customer sees when entering your business. Installing a mat or rug at all entryways to your space will prevent dirt and other grime from spreading onto your floors. Ensure mats are laid down securely and flat, and encourage your employees to wipe their feet before entering. These mats can be cleaned or replaced as needed.

2. Floors

Even with entryway mats, floors can get dirty very quickly. Ensure that your floors are regularly swept, vacuumed, and mopped. This should be done daily or more often as needed depending on the type of facility.

3. Bathrooms

Nobody enjoys using a dirty public washroom. In addition to daily maintenance, bathrooms should be checked regularly for cleanliness. Ensure regular checkups for clogged toilets, spills, or overflowing garbage cans. Keep essentials such as soap and paper towels well stocked. Consider installing air fresheners if the smell is an issue in your restrooms.

4. High Touch Surfaces

Foot traffic is one of many ways for dirt to spread. High-touch areas in your building, like doorknobs, light switches, coffee pots, phones, elevator buttons, or any other places people frequently touch with their hands, also need special attention. Not only can built-up streaks or grime in these areas be unsightly, but cleaning high-touch surfaces regularly is important to prevent the spread of germs in your facility. High-touch areas should be wiped down and disinfected periodically throughout the day. Encourage proper hand hygiene and cleanliness among your employees.

5. Meeting Rooms, Break Rooms, Waiting Rooms

Meeting rooms or break rooms can see a lot of activity. Waiting rooms are often one of the first places a customer or client will visit before entering your business. You’ll want to ensure these rooms are kept spotless to impress potential customers and maintain professionalism within your workplace. Regular vacuuming, dusting, and decluttering of these areas are essential.  

6. Keep a Cleaning Schedule

No matter the area, sticking to a cleaning schedule will ensure that all high-traffic areas in your facility are attended to. Consider adding weekly and daily tasks and areas that must be cleaned multiple times daily. Clearly defining expectations and who is responsible for each chore should keep any oversights to a minimum.

Many consumers consider cleanliness to be of utmost importance. Keeping your facility clean can require a lot of time and organization, and lapses in cleanliness can negatively affect your business. However, you can keep high-traffic areas clean by sticking to a cleaning schedule and with a little vigilance.

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