What to Expect When You Hire Us to Clean Your Facility

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What to Expect When You Hire Us to Clean Your Facility
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As Alberta’s cleaner cleaners, we work with dozens of businesses in both Calgary and Edmonton to address their cleaning needs. These needs range from weekly care of large commercial spaces to monthly cleaning for small offices. Regardless of the need, we create a cleaning solution that our clients can count on.
Over the past 7 years we have had the privilege of working with businesses of varying sizes. We’ve learned how to seamlessly integrate into our clients schedules, delivering a consistent standard of cleanliness without interfering in company operations. Big or small, we’re sure our company is a great fit for yours!
Since our founding in 2010, we have always worked to exceed our client’s expectations.

Becoming a New Client

When you hire cleaning professionals we expect that you’re going to have certain ideas about how our relationship will work. Specifically, we want you to have cleanliness standards that you are going to hold us to. This is an essential component of our relationship and it’s why we take the time to better know your needs prior to formally working together.
We break our new client process down into several steps:

  • Needs analysis
  • Creating your cleaning solution
  • First few cleans – performance review/feedback
  • Ongoing cleaning check-ins

Needs Analysis & Service Intake

The first step of the process begins after you’ve reached out to us to provide you with a quote. If you haven’t already, connect with our Calgary cleaning team or Edmonton cleaning team to get your quote going!
Before we can provide you with a quote we must first connect with you to learn more about your needs and requirements. As each company is different, we want to ensure we properly understand yours prior to quoting services.
We will ask you several questions that will help us determine the best service offering and schedule. Information we look for includes:

  • How often the areas being cleaned are used. Hallways require different considerations compared to infrequently used board rooms.
  • Allergy or environmental concerns that need to be taken into consideration.
  • Scheduling requirements for one-time cleans (such as carpet cleaning) and recurring cleaning.
  • Your security and access requirements.
  • Other specifics unique to your company that we need to know.

Creating Your Custom Cleaning Solution

Once we properly understand what you need from us, we get to work creating your solution. This solution will take into consideration the information you provided to us, as well as what we need in order to properly meet those requirements.
It is not uncommon for us to go back and forth as we fine-tune your solution. We are always open to your feedback and will ensure that we properly address your requirements. Working together, we will create a task list and schedule that meets your needs and budget.

Your First Few Cleans: A Chance to Review Our Performance & Provide Feedback

The first few cleans give us visibility into where we need to fine-tune your cleaning program. More often than not we tick all the right boxes, but sometimes we uncover opportunities or gaps in the plan that help us refine the service we’re providing you.
This is a normal and essential part of the process. We take the feedback provided and fine-tune our cleaning approach to ensure that you are thrilled with the results.
During the first few cleans it is normal for there to be a lot of communication between you and us. Be sure to honestly provide us feedback, as we need it to ensure we meet and exceed the standards you expect.

Ongoing Performance Check-Ins

With the first few cleans completed, and hopefully with a in-depth understanding of your space and needs, we then establish a reliable routine. However, our office will still connect with you regularly to ensure that we are always delivering the results that you expect.
Communication is important to us, so we periodically check in to not only ensure that you’re happy with our services, but that there aren’t any problems or concerns that need to be solved. This ongoing communication also ensures that we remain on top of your business and its changing needs.
Furthermore, our Operations Managers perform regular cleaning inspections, after our team has cleaned your business. This ensures our cleaning team is doing the job we’ve promised to deliver. We always share these inspections with our cleaning team, and follow up on the areas that require improvement. It is also important to us that we share any positive feedback and findings with our cleaning team 100% of the time.

Customer Q&A: INLIV Shares Their Thoughts About Working With Us

We love when our customers provide us with feedback. After all, learning and growing together is part of what makes our partnership. In March 2017 we received some feedback from INLIV that we think does a good job showcasing our approach to our working relationships.
Q: How has Picture Perfect Cleaning Met Your Expectations?
Outstanding!  We are super particular, have high needs and our needs are ever changing.  They ALWAYS work with us to figure out the changing needs.  We call them on a moments notice to ask to clean up after an event as we have forgotten to ask them. This seems to be somewhat frequent too.  They ALWAYS accommodate and with a smile on their face.  Even if we have to ask the cleaner directly (i.e. the event is happening, its 8pm and then we ask the cleaner to do a little extra cleaning in a specific room or bathrooms).  Their cleaners are amazing, super service oriented, and always willing to go the extra mile….ANYTIME!
Q: How Responsive is the Service?
LIGHTENING FAST!!!!! Maybe a few minutes.  Roxanne is their office administration.  She is super helpful, fast and very pleasant to work with.
Q: How Does PPC Integrate Quality Assurance Into the Cleaning Services
They installed technology in our office on a wall so the cleaners could communicate with PPC direct and add any items that were needed.  There is an app they can share with the client.  We haven’t needed it.  They are so responsive, if we need something we email or call. The client can have access to the app though.   We connect at least once a month or every 2 months. We never asked to have the app as we just know they are taking care of the cleaning and don’t have to worry about anything.
If there was ever a problem with a cleaner or the cleaner not doing something as well as we would like.  PPC is on it!  They resolve whatever the issue is in a super timely matter. We are a high end facility with clients that are paying a high fee to use our facility, whether it’s medical or fitness.
Q: What is the Calibre of Cleaners PPC Hires?
We had one cleaner who was absolutely awesome but they were having a baby and he decided to take a night shift so he could be home with his child during the day.  Our team had a baby shower for him and showered them with gifts.  We were very sad to see him go.
Q: What is PPC’s Relationship With Their Staff Like?
They take care of their employees, they are like family, they are respectful with their employees and treat them well.   WE HIGHLY recommend them!

Let Us Focus on the Cleaning: It’s What We’re Here For!

When you hire a cleaning company to take on your cleaning needs, you want that company to make your life a little easier. We get it- running an office, warehouse, or other commercial space is already challenging enough!
Our cleaning teams will take cleanliness off of your plate, allowing you to direct your energies to where they’re needed most!

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