What to Look for in a Medical Facility Cleaning Program

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What to Look for in a Medical Facility Cleaning Program

At Picture Perfect Cleaning, we specialize in cleaning a variety of commercial and office spaces, and this includes medical facilities, dental offices, labs and hospitals.
We believe in following procedures that promote the highest level of hygiene. We also have a deep understanding that a thorough and targeted clean is necessary in order to ensure that the environment is safe for the facility’s inhabitants.
A Matter of Life and Death
In this context, cleaning can really make the difference between life and death for a patient. Harmful organisms can live on surfaces – on bed rails, counters, on the ground and everywhere in between.
In hospitals, Klebsiella Pneumoniae is an example of a highly resistant organism that does not live on just skin, but can survive on metal, plastic and various surfaces. This bug is highly infectious and can be fatal – making it high risk.
However, scientific studies have shown that conscientious hygiene specialists such as cleaning professionals can prevent more infections than a room full of doctors can cure – by effectively cleaning in a timely manner with the right tools and products.
Disinfection is what makes the hospital environment safe so patients can recover as quickly as possible. Making sure patients leave healthy and free of any infection is a priority for medical facilities such as hospitals and dental offices, and we take their priorities seriously.
What a Good Medical Facility Cleaning Program Should Include
The program should assess and classify all cleaning needs
It should develop strong policies regarding cleaning procedures, techniques, the frequency, and the types of chemicals used for each kind of room — as some rooms will be more contaminated than others.
These policies must be adhered to and follow-ups are extremely important.
Methods for complete disinfection of patients’ room and items must be clear.
Walls, floors, furniture, room dividers and curtains must all be washed in a regular frequency.
At Picture Perfect Cleaning we offer surface and counter cleaning, floor sanitization, washroom sanitization, high-level dusting, garbage removal, interior and exterior window cleaning and carpet cleaning. We will meet the highest standards for your facility and be sure to address your needs in the process.
If you’re in need of professional cleaning services for your medical facility, contact us today.

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