What to Look For in a Professional Cleaning Service

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What to Look For in a Professional Cleaning Service
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If you’re in the middle of searching for a company to fulfill your cleaning needs, we’ve created this post for you!
Choosing a cleaning company is an important decision. Perhaps more so than with other partners or vendors you may work with, the relationship you have with your cleaning company is a close one.

Points to Consider When Searching for a Cleaning Partner

When you’re looking for a commercial cleaning company to take on your space, it’s important that you find a great fit for your business. Part of this fit includes your expectations regarding the level of cleanliness, the access and schedule you are able to provide, and of course, your budget. In addition, it’s also best to find a partner that shares similar corporate values.

Look For Companies That Are Prepared to Meet Your Service Expectations

When it comes to the cleanliness of your workspace, you should set a standard that meets your needs. Every business is unique: building type, security requirements, and the type of space being cleaned all influence the nature of the cleaning services you require.
If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to create visibility surrounding your needs/expectations by outlining the use and acceptable level of cleanliness for the spaces you need cleaned. Then, think about how often you’d like these areas thoroughly cleaned vs. a touch up. This visibility will help you determine whether or not the companies you are considering are able to meet your needs.

What Kind of Access & Scheduling Requirements do You Have?

Not all cleaning companies are able to handle every scheduling requirement. Some companies may not offer evening or weekend cleaning, whereas that may be the only time you are able to provide access for the cleaning staff.
This part of the conversation is often overlooked, when in reality it’s quite important. After all, a retail store may need evening cleaning, whereas a doctor’s office or hardware store may be better suited to cleaning during business hours.
At Picture Perfect, we aim to create a cleaning schedule that is seamless for our clients. We  deliver a cleaning service that is built around your requirements while ensuring a consistent standard of quality. Part of how we do this is by adapting our cleaning schedule to your needs, including evening, overnight, and weekend cleans.

In This Industry, Reputation is Everything

As we mentioned earlier, you build a close relationship with your cleaning company because of the level of intimacy involved in the services they provide. When you are trusting cleaners to care for and respect your workspace, it’s important that you feel confident in your relationship with them.
Spend some time diving into the reputation of the company you are considering hiring. Look at their online reviews, check the BBB, and verify their performance by asking for references. If possible, try to connect with a current clients to gauge their experiences.
It’s easier to feel confident in the cleaners you’ve picked if they have a reputation of being honest, reliable, and trustworthy.
At Picture Perfect, we are proud of the reputation we’ve earned over the past 7 years.

What Kind of Products do They Clean With?

When you are trying to choose a new cleaning company, ask them about the products they use. We recommend that you avoid companies that use products that rely on heavy chemicals to get the job done.
At Picture Perfect Cleaning, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are biodegradable and non-toxic. Additionally, these cleaning products are safe for allergy sufferers and do not leave behind any odours or films. Today, these products are just as effective and efficient as products that use harsh chemicals, and in our mind, there’s no reason not to use them.

How Happy Are Their Staff?

Our business is all about the people that we send to your business. We recommend that you try to gain a feel for your cleaning partner’s employees.
Company spirit is a fragile thing, and any business that has built a high level of employee morale is doing something right. The level of satisfaction and the outlook that an employee has about their company is directly tied to how they are treated, compensated, and managed.
Morale is a big influence on work ethic and job satisfaction. Consistent service that meets quality standards require employees who are happy, healthy, and positive.
At Picture Perfect, everyone contributes to a company culture that rewards hard work, encourages camaraderie, and helps people achieve their best.

Let Us Show You How Well We Can Work Together

As Alberta’s cleaner cleaners, we are committed to earning the trust and confidence of our clients. We do this by providing a consistent and reliable cleaning service that goes above and beyond.
Get in touch with us the next time you’re looking for a dependable cleaning partner- we’d love a chance to earn your business!

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