Why Hire A Professional Janitorial Service To Clean Your School?

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Why Hire A Professional Janitorial Service To Clean Your School?
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Students and teachers spend most of the day inside their school. Ensuring the health and safety of anyone on school grounds should be a top priority for the administration. 

With so many students going in and out of school daily, germs and bacteria are easily transmitted, risking the health and education of teachers, students, and their families. 

Along with the health risks of getting sick, productivity among both students and teachers decreases when the space they work in is unclean. That’s why hiring a professional cleaning company to clean your school is one of the best moves you can make.

To better understand this, here are some benefits to having your school professionally cleaned. 

Reasons To Have Your School Professionally Cleaned

A Better Learning Environment

One of the most important benefits of a clean school environment is its positive impacts on the learning of the students. Studies have shown that students perform better and achieve higher grades in a clean and tidy environment. 

Both kids and adults typically enjoy and work better in a space that’s clean. Small things like unswept floors, scuff marks on the walls, and dirty surfaces act as distractions that negatively affect students’ learning experiences. 

More Productive Teachers

Like students, teachers work better in a clean and tidy atmosphere. A clean environment increases productivity in employees, letting them focus on grading, lesson planning, and interacting with students instead of constantly cleaning up. 

The classroom needs to be a place teachers feel comfortable, relaxed, and can perform their best. When teachers spend all of their free time cleaning or working in an unclean space all day, morale and productivity are destined to fall. 

COVID-19 Decontamination

With new hygiene standards brought on by contagious and deadly diseases like COVID-19, a quick wipe down of desktops is simply not good enough. With so many students, parents, and staff occupying a relatively small space, a professional school cleaning service will give you the peace of mind to know that harmful pathogens, bacteria, and viruses are completely eliminated. 

A full-scale fogging service can quickly and effectively sanitize and disinfect an entire room or school in just hours, and is easily scheduled after hours or during holiday breaks. 

Consistent Cleaning Schedules

A professional cleaning service won’t just clean your school well, they’ll keep it cleaned on a regular basis. Schools need regular cleaning to maintain proper hygiene standards, and a good company will provide the flexibility and customization a school needs with their janitors.

Healthy Teachers & Staff

Teachers interact with hundreds or even thousands of students every day. With that many people in close proximity, germs are easily spread through the air and left on surfaces. 

Having your school regularly cleaned will reduce the chances of teachers getting sick. Teachers need their full energy and capacity in order to do their job properly, but when teachers are “under the weather” or not present at all, their student’s education suffers. 

Healthy Kids & Families

Kids are constantly coming into close contact with other peers and teachers throughout the day. When a school is professionally cleaned, germs are less likely to be left on surfaces and be picked up by students. As with teachers, students who are under the weather will not learn as well. 

The risks of students picking up germs don’t just stop with them; kids bring back germs to their homes and risk infecting family and friends. This can be particularly dangerous for the elderly or immuno-compromised.

Fewer Sick Days 

A professionally cleaned school will remove many of the allergens, pathogens, bacteria, and viruses that live on surfaces and in the air of your school, resulting in fewer sick days and lessons missed for both teachers and students. 

Extends Infrastructure & Equipment Lifespan

Keeping your school clean will extend the life of your equipment. This includes the equipment inside the rooms as well as the building itself. A professional cleaning service can often detect early warning signs of infestations or rot that may lead to serious structural damage if left unattended. 

Instills Good Habits 

A clean school promotes clean behaviors. If kids see a school that’s kept clean, organized, and tidy, they’re more likely to follow suit, respecting the school and the people in it.

If a student sees a classroom full of dirt, grime, and other mess, they likely won’t be inclined to clean up after themselves, either.


While many people think cleaning just involves wiping down desks, chairs, and floors, a comprehensive and professional janitorial service goes well beyond, ensuring every nook and cranny is cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized.

The cleaning standards of Picture Perfect Cleaning go above and beyond what’s expected, employing expert janitors who have a deep understanding of the specific cleaning needs and challenges that the school environment presents. At Picture Perfect Cleaning, we have the expertise, experience, and professional equipment to do the job right the first time. 

Our team uses only safe and environmentally-friendly products to clean your school, ensuring that no student, staff, or parents are exposed to harsh chemicals used by some other cleaning services. We take a “green clean” approach with products that are certified environmentally friendly by third parties such as Ecologo & Green Seal. Call us today to book your appointment.

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