3 Quick Tips to Make Your Office Look Great

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3 Quick Tips to Make Your Office Look Great
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Any company that wants to gain respect from both employees and clients needs to maintain a nice, clean workspace; however, that’s not always easy. With so much going on and so many different areas of the office to keep track of, it’s easy to let the mess pile up. A clean office helps with productivity and even employee health, so it’s necessary to keep everything tidy.

Here are 3 quick tips to make your office look great that you can do right away and see instant results.

Place signs in trouble areas

There are a few areas that always get really messy really quickly like the kitchen. With everyone leaving their leftovers, throwing dishes in the sink or making food on the counter, the clutter is going to pile up quickly. This is where you need to put signs to encourage employees to do their part. Hanging a quick sign up over the sink that says DO YOUR DISHES!, or a funny sign on the fridge that says “after 2 days it’s fair game!” will get people to recognize you mean business.

Switch to standing spaces and team workspaces

It might not be something you could implement on the same day, but using more standing space and team workspaces will de-clutter the office immediately. More round tables and places for people to work together as a team, plus the lack of extra chairs and separating walls will automatically make things look open and easy. If you can’t do that right away, move desks into one area and create as much open space as possible.

Limit desk items

An employee’s desk is their sanctuary, and we know that they are going to want a picture of their daughter, a picture of their spouse, and of course a picture of their favourite sports team, but there needs to be limits. Desks are the places where clutter builds up the quickest. Tell everyone that they can only have a certain amount of items on the desks, and that clutter needs to be cleared immediately. Buy them extra storage space so they can keep the desk space clean and tidy.

We all want a clean office, but we don’t all have the time for it. That’s why you need some quick tips for improving the cleanliness of your office that will help both in the short term and long term. These 3 quick tips will make your office look great in no time. Of course, there is nothing better for your office than a professional commercial cleaning company like Picture Perfect Cleaning!

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