4 Doubts Everyone Has Before Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company

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4 Doubts Everyone Has Before Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company
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There are many factors to consider when hiring a professional cleaning service in Calgary. The role of a good cleaning company is to clean, sanitize, & disinfect your building. A regularly cleaned space reduces stress, workplace accidents, and absences caused by illness. 

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Each business and building has individual cleaning needs. Whether you’re cleaning offices, schools and daycare centers, strata and condos, gymnasiums and community centers, or industrial & manufacturing sites, you need your professional cleaning company with the expertise and flexibility to clean different types of work and living spaces.  

While everyone has an idea of what their cleaning company should do, often what is expected of them is not clearly communicated. Expectations vs reality can sometimes clash, causing issues between customers and cleaning companies. That’s why strong pre-cleaning communication is an important part of setting expectations so everyone is on the same page.  

If you’re hiring a commercial cleaning company for the first time or looking to replace your existing company that isn’t performing up to your standards, you may have some doubts before you make the call.  

Here are some of the most common doubts most people have before calling for a commercial cleaning service. 

  1. Cleaners Not Spending Enough Time Cleaning

One of the biggest concerns for businesses or building managers is the cleaning staff cutting corners, and not providing a sufficient amount of time to do the work that was promised in the contract. In many cases, cleaners may show up outside of normal business hours or have their own keys and access to the building. This can make it hard to track and keep cleaning staff accountable. 

If you suspect your cleaners aren’t showing up on time or leaving early, before you confront them, double-check the agreement, or for any messages left indicating a change in the cleaning schedule. Contact your cleaning vendor to express any concerns in detail and allow them time to investigate. 

We recommend finding a commercial cleaning company that uses a software, like Swept, that allows the custodians to sign in and sign, using geofence technology.

  1. Safety Concerns 

For businesses or building managers looking to hire a new janitorial company, one of the biggest obstacles is concerns about letting strangers into your facility or building. The thought of strangers having access to every space in your building can be quite daunting and uncomfortable. 

Professional cleaning companies understand that this is a sensitive issue, and take strong precautionary measures to ensure your building and everyone in it are safe and secure. 

When sourcing a good janitorial company, ask them about their hiring process. Are they very casual in their hiring? Or do they consider hiring the most important step in their business, and spend an extensive amount of time doing so? A janitorial company’s people are their most important asset. Hiring the right or wrong people, can make or break the businesses success.

From using the same cleaners for a particular space as much as possible to background checks and proper conduct training, a good cleaning company knows their reputation is on the line and thus should go the extra mile to ensure you and your contents are kept safe.  

  1. Customer Service 

Bad customer service comes in a wide variety of forms, from poor communication to providing inadequate cleaning services. You expect a certain level of cleaning and service for the money you pay.  If problems arise, you need them solved quickly. 

A good cleaning service cares about this and knows that customer service is one of the most important measures of satisfaction for their clients. Companies understand word of mouth and online reviews can make or break them and that customer service matters. In our industry, you might be surprised how many companies provide horrible customer service. 

When hiring a janitorial service company, ask them questions about, besides their cleaners, what other type support systems the company will provide? What type of communication systems they have, management coverage, training, follow up, inspections, etc…

  1. Using Safe Cleaning Agents

The standards and expectations of using environmentally friendly chemicals, has never been so important. Using the wrong chemicals, and not knowing how to properly use them, can be quite toxic and/or irritating on the skin. 

Furthermore, most businesses these days are full of delicate electronic devices. From personal computers, phones, and projection screens, to machinery electronics and other digital panels or controls within a building, cleaning these devices with safe products is extremely important.

A professional cleaning company in Calgary understands what chemicals to use to not only provide the best cleaning experience, but balanced with being environmentally conscious. A good commercial cleaning company knows that certain cleaning agents should not be used  around delicate electronics and takes measures to only use appropriate, safe, and non-toxic cleaning products for your space. Part of the pre-cleaning process is to determine what type of equipment you have inside your premise in order to be prepared with the right cleaning materials.

A Final Note

Make sure there is open and honest communication with your Calgary commercial cleaning company. Managing expectations means having in writing everything that everyone involved is supposed to do before, during, and after your cleaning session. The janitorial company that you work with should have a very solid contract in place already, that eliminates any grey areas, and creates clarity and the ability to hold them accountable.

The cleaning standards of Picture Perfect Cleaning go above and beyond what’s expected, employing expert janitors who have a deep understanding of the specific cleaning needs and challenges that each type of business and/or facility presents. At Picture Perfect Cleaning, we have the expertise, experience, and professional equipment to do the job right every time.

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