5 Signs You Need Commercial Cleaning Services in Calgary

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5 Signs You Need Commercial Cleaning Services in Calgary
Why you need commercial cleaning services in calgary

Are you a hands-on business owner who likes to do things yourself? Or maybe you’re a small business owner who wears many hats because of a limited budget? Whatever the case may be, you may think you can handle all the cleaning duties in your office space on your own, or have employees take on the cleaning responsibilities in addition to their other responsibilities. While this may work for the short term, it’s not the ideal long-term solution. Here are five signs it’s time to hire commercial cleaning services in Calgary.

1. Decreased Productivity

Have you noticed reduced productivity from your employees because they’re spending too much time cleaning instead of doing their tasks? If so, it’s time to hire a company that provides office cleaning in Calgary. This way, your employees can get back to their main responsibilities and increase productivity while your office space becomes tidy and spotless thanks to proficient cleaning experts.

2. Employee Morale


When employees feel confused about what is expected from them, they’re more likely to suffer from diminished morale at work. If they’re constantly being torn between their normal duties and tidying up the workspace, they may become frustrated or feel like what they do doesn’t really matter. To keep this from happening, hire a janitorial service in Calgary and let your employees do the things that are spelled out in their job descriptions.

When you treat your employees well instead of expecting them to pick up the slack in every area, you’re more likely to notice high employee morale. The happier your team members are, the more likely they are to work hard at their jobs and experience optimum satisfaction with their careers.

3. Visible Dirt and Disarray

Take a quick walk around your office and take a look at the floors, windows, countertops, and other visible areas. Do you see dirt or disarray? There’s no shame in hiring outside cleaning services to keep your office tidy. In fact, doing so can relieve a huge burden from you and your employees. Specialized cleaners are very efficient at what they do and they can get your professional spaces in order faster than you can.

4. Unexpected Guests


Do you feel uncomfortable when visitors stop by your place of work unexpectedly and see your office not tidy enough? If so, you should pick up the phone and hire cleaning services without delay. Your office space should reflect positively on you and should give visitors a good impression of your business. If you have paperwork and dust everywhere, guests won’t be impressed. In fact, they may even choose to go to your competitors if your worksite is too dirty and unwelcoming. Commercial cleaning services in Calgary can turn things around quickly so you no longer dread unexpected visits from clients.

5. High Turnover Rate

If employees aren’t specifically hired to clean the office, it isn’t fair to expect them to do so. In fact, forcing employees to engage in regular cleaning activities may cause you to have a high turnover rate at your place of employment. This constant onboarding of new workers can lead to lower productivity and higher costs.

Each time you lose a member of your team, you have to spend time and money hiring new employees and making sure they are properly trained. If you don’t fix the underlying problems that caused the former employees to leave in the first place, you’ll probably continue an endless cycle of hiring and losing staff members.

To avoid this unpleasant and costly scenario, don’t expect your employees to clean the office unless they’re specifically hired for that purpose. Instead, make use of a company that provides office cleaning in Calgary so you can hang onto your current employees as long as possible.

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Picture Perfect Cleaning provides reliable commercial cleaning services in Calgary. We offer fair pricing and use environmentally green cleaning products and techniques. We’re also fully insured, licensed and bonded so you can have full peace of mind when you hire us to maintain your office space. To request a quote, call us at 403-879-1154 or fill out our online contact form.


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5 Signs You Need Commercial Cleaning Services in Calgary | Picture Perfect Cleaning, Inc. – Calgary, Alberta

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