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The Benefits of Happy Employees

Here at Picture Perfect Cleaning, we understand that our company is only as strong as the people who wear our uniforms. We know that satisfied team members mean great services, and that the higher their satisfaction, the more profitable and competitive our company becomes. That’s why we treat all of our people like family members. […]

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What to Look For in a Professional Cleaning Service

Picture perfect cleaning recommends germ safe havens

If you’re in the middle of searching for a company to fulfill your cleaning needs, we’ve created this post for you! Choosing a cleaning company is an important decision. Perhaps more so than with other partners or vendors you may work with, the relationship you have with your cleaning company is a close one. Points […]

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How We Build the Best Teams in the Business

The key to our success is our people. Working with great people allows us to offer unmatched accountability because of our highly-trained cleaning staff. We invest in a team of people that are skillful, dedicated, and trustworthy. These are the kind of people that perform their work with pride. Speaking of pride, we are proud to […]

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What We Do Is Far More Important Than What We Say

They say that “actions speak louder than words.” This rings true in all aspects of life, from professional commitments to personal promises. As people, we find it easy to make commitments; as professionals, it is often difficult to follow through on them. We understand this reality completely. Our business is one that requires a great […]

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Classroom with clean wooden chair and desk after cleaning | Picture Perfect Cleaning

One of the competitive advantages we bring to commercial cleaning is our training program. Our staff undergoes training at the prestigious “Picture Perfect University”, where our methods, processes, and values are instilled into each member of our cleaning team. Once they’ve graduated, they come back regularly for refresher courses and skill retraining. Today more than […]

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The importance of client relationship building, creating accountability and clarity

The Importance of Client Relationship Building, Creating Accountability and Clarity The business world is as diverse, competitive, and saturated as it’s ever been. The oil price downturn and seemingly ever-constant fear of layoffs and cutbacks has taken its toll on the Albertan economy, and on Calgary in particular. However, we also think that this has […]

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