Cleaning a Seniors Facility Positive with COVID-19

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Cleaning a Seniors Facility Positive with COVID-19
Cleaning a Seniors Facility Positive with COVID-19 | Picture Perfect Cleaning

This past Thursday at 4:45pm, I got a phone call from a gentleman asking if Picture Perfect Cleaning offers disinfectant services to COVID-19 Positive infected areas. We have done a few already, and have all the protocols, tools, protective gear and chemical so, of, course, I said, “Yes.”

COVID-19 cleaning people

He then proceeded to say, “Great, can you start tomorrow! We need 7 people, full time, 7 days a week.” This property has at least 20 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases, and they all have been isolated on one floor. All I could think of, when he asked me if we could  take this on was, “I have been preparing for this moment my whole life, and our business has been preparing for this moment for the last 10 years.” Of course, I confidently said, “Yes, we will do it!”

We managed to pull a team together for 9am the next morning. In full Tyvek suits, gloves, masks and equipped with all the right tools, we were ready for “war,” When we walked in there, it felt like we had entered a war zone.

We Proceeded to the Quarantined Floor of the Senior Facility

Our temperatures were taken, and forms were filled out. The GM explained that everyone is isolated on the one floor, so I volunteered to go to that floor first, to totally disinfect it with our amazing electrostatic, Victory Sprayer tool. I knew it was a great tool, but, during the experience, I truly came to appreciate it!

Going to the third floor was an eye opening experience. Each door had a sign on it, reading either “Asymptomatic,” “Symptomatic,” or “COVID+,” identifying each resident’s current status. On the frame of the door there was a picture and name of the person in the unit.

man disinfecting COVID-19

These seniors must feel so scared and confused. My heart broke for each one of them. Being up there, I wished that I could do more. I could not help but pray for each person as I sprayed the area. A few of the elderly ladies saw me and I could tell they were fairly intimidated by my “ghostbusters” outfit, so I tried my best to smile and wave through my mask. One lady waved back and gave me a warm smile, so I blew her a kiss, through my mask. I was trying to give them as much joy as I possibly could, despite the significant limitations.

COVID-19 door sign

We are proud to be doing our small part to help in the cleaning of this Senior Facility

I was asked that day to totally disinfect one specific unit. I know the lady who had been in there was COVID-19 positive, but I don’t know what happened to her, as no one told me. She had some beautiful pictures of her, and what appeared to be a large amount of grandchildren, and right beside her bed was a book called “Jesus Calling.” I  got emotional reading the title, but it also gave me a sense of peace.

Our Picture Perfect Cleaning team is still cleaning there day and night, working incredibly hard to help stop the spread of this vicious virus the world has come to hate. I am so proud of my business partner, our managers, and the custodians who are all fearlessly and selflessly walking into the “war zone,” ready to battle the invisible enemy. We haven’t faced anything scarier or  more  difficult, but never before have we experienced anything so rewarding. We at Picture Perfect Cleaning are proud to be doing our small  part.


Cleaning a Seniors Facility Positive with COVID-19 | Picture Perfect Cleaning, Inc. — Calgary, Alberta

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