Creating a Company Our Clients Love

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Creating a Company Our Clients Love
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When I first co-founded Picture Perfect Cleaning eight years ago I did so with a single purpose: to create a company that my clients would love. To do this we as a company had to overcome the number one issue that plagues all businesses: finding good people and keeping them.

The Best Job Our Employees Will Ever Have

Our core philosophy is based on the idea that finding, and retaining, the right people is integral to the success of our business. We believe that a strong team and a good corporate culture are the foundation of any company.

Choosing Who We Hire

Most companies spend 80% of their time on the bottom 20% of their workforce, which is a huge drain on resources. Finding the right people to begin with is key to increasing efficiency and channeling that time and energy in more productive ways.
To create this solid foundation, we only hire people who genuinely care. Skills can be learned, and knowledge can be acquired, but caring and passion are things that cannot be taught. Even the simplest job is best done with care, attention to detail, and a desire to improve. By choosing employees who embody those values, we know that the time, energy, and resources we invest in them will be well spent.

Training & Professional Development

Once we have hired the right people for the job, we ensure they are trained properly and continue to develop their skills during their time with us. Our entire company is built on the idea of respect.
I respect our custodians and managers, and their hard work and dedication to the job only fuels my admiration for them. Happiness trickles up the ladder: When my employees are happy, I am happy. Every day we ask ourselves how we can make this job the best job our employees will ever have.
We do this in a variety of ways, from summer barbecues to booking a nice restaurant for the annual Christmas party. We also provide all of our full time employees with health benefits and adhere to strict safety standards. We strive to help ensure our employees are economically secure, and receive useful ongoing training. When we invest in our workers they, in turn, are empowered to invest in their work and the work of the company as a whole.
We also take the time and effort to invest in our community. We participate in a number of charitable events as a team, and foster a positive work environment through giving back to the community.
All of these initiatives have helped us maintain a low turnover rate and a high level of employee satisfaction.

How Our Corporate Culture Affects Our Clients

By creating a company where people love to work, we are able to create a company our clients love to work with. Janitorial work is not glamorous, but it is necessary. Our industry as a whole has been labeled “dirty” (pun intended), and a lot of times cleaning professionals end up being treated as second class citizens.
This is a view that has to change, and at Picture Perfect Cleaning we strive to do that every day. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and that philosophy has helped our business to flourish.
When employees feel appreciated and respected they are less likely to quit, meaning we have to invest less time and fewer resources into hiring and training new staff. This in turn means less disruption overall, creating more consistent service for our customers.
Our customers rarely see what goes on behind the scenes, but they do see the end result. Happy employees do better work, and that extra care and attention really shines through.
We also believe that green cleaning should be the industry standard. Using green products and implementing green practices is the least we can do to do our part to keep the planet healthy.
By implementing green cleaning practices we also accept the social responsibility for caring about the health of our employees and clients. We always do our best to limit  We pride ourselves on only using products that are have earned proper green certifications, such as EcoLogo or Green Seal.
This not only helps us reduce our environmental impact, but also helps your employees stay happy and healthy. Employees who work in buildings that have been cleaned in an environmentally conscious way are exposed to less air pollution. This in turn keeps them healthier, resulting in less sick days and improving employee focus.

Why Choose Picture Perfect Cleaning?

When you choose Picture Perfect Cleaning for your company’s janitorial needs you are choosing a company that stands behind the people it employs. We always strive to provide the best services, supported by the best staff, so that we can make your building picture perfect.
To get a quote for your business please visit our contact pages for Calgary and Edmonton.

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