Five Germ Safe Havens You’d Never Expect

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Five Germ Safe Havens You’d Never Expect
Yoga mat on clean hardwood flooring

Germs are everywhere – in the places that we live, work, visit and even play.  What makes germs a tricky thing to deal with is that they can thrive in places you wouldn’t expect them to be; which means there could potentially be many bacteria-ridden places you frequent that you would not even think to clean.
Eliminating germs by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting them is important to avoid getting sick.  In addition to the avoiding the usual flu or common cold germs, there are plenty of other bacteria that you should be aware of which are more ever-present than you might think.

1. Yoga Mats

Yoga is a very popular activity and a yoga mat is something all practitioners will use, whether they are doing it at home or in a studio.
Yoga mats are subject to a significant amount of bacteria; we put our bare feet on them, sweat on them and dead skin lives on them.  This makes them a haven for bacteria and can even house the debilitating ringworm and staph bacteria.
Scrubbing your yoga mats with disinfecting solution( or dish soap and water) every month should keep your yoga mat clean and germ free.

2. Bath Towels

It is normal for most people to think that a bath towel wouldn’t be a germ safe haven, nevermind something that is normally dirty.  After all, we use bath towels to dry and pat down our bodies which are just fresh out of the shower or bath tub.
While a shower or bath leaves us feeling fresh and squeaky clean, it does not eliminate all the germs and bacteria on our bodies.  Over time, dead skin and all kinds of other bacteria can accumulate on the towel, which a moist environment could further promote.

3. Cell Phones

Cell phones are so commonplace these days that it is hard to spot someone who does not have one.  Considering the fact that we use our hands to operate these devices, it is not a huge surprise that they are in regular contact with germs and other bacteria via the other things we are touching throughout a given day.
Even with that being said, most people do not clean their cell phones enough considering how constantly they are used.   A study has shown that there is even fecal matter on one in six phones – yikes!  Wipe down your phones with a disinfectant wipe at least once every 3 days.

4. Grocery Stores

Most grocery stores are extremely clean inside and the staff are making a concerted effort to keep it that way.  However, because of the amount of traffic that an average grocery store sees every day, germs and bacteria are constantly entering (and leaving) the stores.
Studies show that E. coli is often found on shopping carts more than on toilet seats – in addition to germs from food, childrens’ dirty bottoms are going in the seat. E. coli is also found on up to 80% of checkout screens in some stores.  This is likely due to people handling leaky meat packages and unwashed produce, then touching the screen.
Dispensers with disinfecting wipes are commonly found in grocery stores – use those to clean the shopping cart seat before seating your child.  Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water after leaving the store.

5. Purses, Carrying Bags & Suitcases

In addition to touching many surfaces in many areas throughout the day, purses, bags and suitcases often carry in them many of the items commonly ridden with bacteria (like cellphones, mentioned earlier).  Sometimes they can also be dark and moist, which is a haven for thriving germs and bacteria.
Use disinfecting wipes to clean your bags.  It is important to regularly clean the inside by emptying out the contents and giving it a full wipe down.  Be sure to clean all of the compartments.

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