How Clean Is Your Cellphone

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How Clean Is Your Cellphone
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Your cellphone is one of the dirtiest things you touch even if you’re not touching it! Our phones are constantly being passed around to other people, often without even being washed. What’s more, our hands are always dirty because we’ve touched so many other surfaces before them, so touching our phones will just make things worse. It’s important to keep your cell phone clean and bacteria-free for you and those around you! What should you do to avoid spreading bacteria all over your phone? Read on to find out!

A Cell Phone Is One of the Dirtiest Things You Touch

The average person touches their cellphone around 2,600 times per day and as we’ve mentioned earlier, our phones are one of the dirtiest things we touch – even if we’re not touching them! Our phones come into contact with all sorts of nasty things like food residue, saliva, mucus, and other people’s bacteria. All of this transfers to our phones which is not only gross, but it can also cause infections. Bacteria love moisture, that is why you’ll find them on all sorts of moist surfaces like your mouth or eyes. They need this moisture to reproduce so if they dry out, they die. Luckily for us, most bacteria are harmless and some are even beneficial! Even so, you don’t want them multiplying on the surface of your phone where you’re touching them with your hands multiple times a day. There’s no way that won’t be bad news for your skin!

cleaning services in calgaryTips to Avoid Spreading Bacteria All Over Your Phone

There are a few simple steps that you can take to avoid spreading bacteria all over your phone. First, make sure to regularly wash your hands. This is the best way to reduce the amount of bacteria on them. Second, try not to touch your phone as often. This will help keep the bacteria from spreading. Finally, if you do happen to get bacteria on your phone, make sure to clean it off with a disinfectant wipe. This will help prevent the spread of bacteria while you figure out what to do.

The best way to limit the amount of bacteria on your phone is to wash your hands regularly, which can reduce or prevent some of the transfer of these tiny little germs. Interrupting the habit of touching your phone will also help tremendously especially when you’re sick! If you just don’t think that you’ll be able to cut down on touching your phone, then at least try not to touch it with dirty hands. When you go into public spaces like movie theaters or restaurants where people are coughing and sneezing all around you, protect your phone by using a sleeve over it (you can make one easy enough with fabric right here).

If for some unavoidable reason you do get bacteria on your phone, don’t forget to clean it off with a disinfectant wipe. This will help stop the transfer of germs until you can properly sanitize your phone. There are also special cases that you can purchase that have a built-in disinfectant microfiber cloth. Whichever way you go about it, keeping your phone clean is incredibly important to avoid any possible health issues.

So there you have it! By regularly washing your hands, trying not to touch your phone as often, and cleaning it off with a disinfectant wipe if you do happen to get bacteria on it, you can help limit the spread of germs and stay healthy. Keep your phone clean and enjoy peace of mind!

Thank you for reading! If you have any other tips or suggestions on how to keep our phones clean, please share them in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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