How Investments in Workplace Cleanliness Pay Off

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How Investments in Workplace Cleanliness Pay Off
Commercial office building cleaning and sterilization

As Alberta’s economy continues to move towards a balanced recovery – with many sectors bringing in a fresh round of hiring and investment – we’re seeing more companies reach out to us to take care of their offices, warehouses, and other facilities.
Fantastic! With dedicated and motivated cleaning crews in both Calgary and Edmonton, we love that more Albertan companies are choosing us to take care of their cleaning needs. We also love seeing more companies making smart investments in their professional environment.
Investments in your workplace – whether it’s a small clinic or a large corporate office – pay off, but often in ways that can be difficult to track via tangible metrics. It’s unlikely that cleaning your reception area will result in a 20% increase in sales, for example. This can make it difficult to determine the type of impact a cleaning service can make to your bottom line.
Still, the numerous benefits realized by regular cleaning are important and often overlooked. Let’s change that!

What Benefits Does Regular Cleaning Offer Your Company?

A clean workspace benefits considerably just from being clean. Here’s how:

  • Employees that work in clean facilities take less sick leave – If there’s one area that every business would love to see improve, it’s reducing the amount of sick-leave taken by employees. To be clear, you shouldn’t go into work when you’re sick, and yes, people certainly get sick. However, if you could reduce the rate by which staff get sick, wouldn’t that be a benefit? Well, that’s a direct benefit of regular (and thorough) cleaning!
  • A clean space positively influences customer perception – We wrote about how cleanliness influences customer perception back in July (it’s a great read, by the way). Long story short: dirt damages customer experiences and can negatively impact how their view your brand. Humans prefer clean, sanitary spaces!
  • Professional reputation management – U.S. staffing firm, Adecco, found that a dirty office not only harmed customer perception of you/your business, but peer respect as well.
  • A clean space promotes health, and not just for the people that work in it – Dust, allergens, and other airborne particulates love to find a home inside computers and other electronics. Once inside, they tend to build up and reduce the efficiency of the equipment in question. In severe cases, too much dust can destroy a computer.

There’s Considerable Evidence That Reinforces the Value That Investing in Cleaning Delivers

It’s easy to make a claim, such as “employees get sick less often in clean workplaces”, but what does that actually look like? We went looking for some additional data points to determine how your business can measure the impacts provided by regular cleaning services.
We did some digging and found some great resources:

  • A study of pathogen risk management in hospitals found that cleanliness was a major factor in compliance and effectiveness of safety protocols. If you have a dental office, walk-in clinic, or some other type of medical facility, cleanliness is critical.
  • A cleaner workplace greatly reduces both direct and indirect costs associated with employee illness.
  • A study of 400 managers and their teams found a 5% increase in productivity in a typical 100-person office.
  • Health-related employee absences cost American companies nearly $1,700/yr per employee.

The mountain of evidence that reinforces the value of cleaning in terms of how it impacts your bottom line is growing. This shouldn’t be surprising: healthy people are more productive, more efficient, and cost less.

We Simplify Your Cleaning Solution

2018 will be our eighth year of operation, and we’re proud to work with many great businesses in Calgary and Edmonton. If you’re looking for a superior cleaning solution, please get in touch with us: we’d love to earn your business!

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