Planning the Vision

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Planning the Vision

At Picture Perfect Cleaning, we know that every vision that comes to life has a plan. Our vision is to provide a level of service that is exceptional. To do that, we have created a business plan that forms that backbone of everything that we do.
But wait, you might be thinking. Planning is all very well, but what about when life gets in the way? What about when you need to adjust your vision and be flexible?
A Living, Breathing Document
At Picture Perfect Cleaning, a plan is always flexible. Sure, we have an end goal in sight, but the most important aspects of our plan are as follows:

  • We have a strong mission statement that guides us and ensures that we never lose sight of our purpose.
  • We make sure that our values aren’t just implied, they are specific. By making our values something that is talked about, we can ensure that our business practices accurately reflect our values.
  • We hold weekly team management meetings. This allows us to make sure that everyone is on the same page and that we adjust to our needs as they change. A good plan is always in the process of morphing into something better.
  • We discuss everything – every client, action, and staff member. This ensures that no important details or trends are ignored.
  • We discuss our goals. We know that if our plan is always changing, so are our goals. It is important to set current and measurable objectives, and that is what we do.
  • We create action plans. We need to know how to achieve our goals, and this requires careful planning of the action required.

We believe in our vision, and we believe in our plan. By planning every detail, we know that every member of our team is on the same page and knows what he or she has to do to work towards the vision of Picture Perfect Cleaning. It’s that clarity of vision and focus on detail that allows us to provide our exceptional cleaning service to businesses in the Calgary area.

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