Professional Cleaning for Senior Homes & Long Term Care Facilities in Calgary AB

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Professional Cleaning for Senior Homes & Long Term Care Facilities in Calgary AB
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Roughly 110,000 senior citizens in Canada live in about 2,000 special care facilities that provide 24-hour personal care, medical or nursing supervision. Over the last 10 years, the occupancy rate for beds in nursing homes, special care facilities, residential care facilities and long-term hospitals have been almost at full capacity and in high demand. This makes their upkeep and cleanliness absolutely crucial, and poses a host of unique challenges. Here are some things to think about when hiring a professional cleaning service for a senior care facility.

It Promotes Good Health

Hiring a professional cleaning service is crucial in promoting and maintaining good within the facility. Senior citizens are more susceptible to viruses, bacteria, or fungal infections more easily than any other age group. Pneumonia (a bacterial infection) and influenza (a virus) are some of the most easily contracted illnesses among seniors.

Not to mention, respiratory diseases are the third most common cause of death in people over the age of 65. Asthma and chronic bronchitis are among the few respiratory problems that can cause lung infections and pneumonia. When you are dealing with an age group who have sensitive immune systems, its highly important to  hire a professional cleaning service who will…

  • Conduct indoor air quality reports to ensure that dust, debris or any irritants are removed from the air
  • Thoroughly sanitize common areas and rooms to prevent the spread of viruses
  • Develop a through long-term cleaning plan and stick to it

Peace of Mind

When you hire a professional cleaning service for your senior facility, you want to make sure that things are getting done and at the right times. A good professional cleaning company will set the right frequency to ensure that all areas will be cleaned at appropriate intervals.

Does your facility have common areas and game rooms? Those busy areas should be cleaned every day to reduce the risk of germs. Does your facility have private bathrooms or shared bathrooms? That will determine the frequency. Is there a hospital component that needs frequent sanitization? We will take all elements into consideration.

Setting the cleaning frequency can be done once with us so you never have to think about it again or it can be continually updated as in when you need to!

If you have a specific list of needs, communicate with us and we will implement it into a master plan for your facility. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning service like Picture Perfect Cleaning will make all the difference to the living environment of your senior facility.

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