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Required Skills Of Commercial Cleaning Staff

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Required Skills Of Commercial Cleaning Staff

Commercial Cleaning Services in Calgary | Picture Perfect Cleaning

Professional cleaning companies are being held to a higher standard than ever before. In today’s environment, cleaning staff must exhibit a range of professional and competency skills to be successful.    Here are some of the top skills required for a successful commercial cleaning staff.  Time Management Cleaning is a game of strict deadlines. It’s […]

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Buffing Vs Polishing Commercial Floors

covid-19 cleaning and disinfecting services in calgary

Floor buffing and floor polishing are two methods of restoring that eye-catching sparkle to your commercial floor using high-tech and assisted machines. While both methods use specialized equipment and get your floors nice and shiny, they have different purposes and functions.   What’s the difference between buffing and polishing you ask? Though both are often used […]

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Keeping Your Dental Office Clean & Safe

Disinfectant Services to COVID-19 Positive Infected Areas | Picture Perfect Cleaning

Patients trust you to provide a safe space for them to have their dental work. Clean reception areas, spotless bathrooms, tidy offices, and sanitized treatment areas are all must-haves to keep your patients and staff healthy and comfortable.   In this article, we’ll explain the importance of each area and how to keep it clean and […]

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An Easier Way To Keep Your Industrial Space Clean

Industrial Cleaning Service

Picture Perfect Cleaning Protects Your Employees With A Cleaner, Safer, & More Productive Work Environment If you work in or manage an industrial site, you know how important it is to maintain a clean and sanity workspace. The build-up of dirt and grime on or around heavy machinery not only looks bad and breeds illness-causing […]

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How To Hire For Your Cleaning Company

Interviewing Cleaners

When hiring cleaners for your cleaning company, never cut corners. Heavily invest your time, Doing so will eliminate many future issues, and help your cleaning company grow much stronger and faster. […]

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Picture Perfect Cleaning Celebrates 10 Years In Business!

Picture Perfect Cleaning 10 Year Anniversary

We’re Celebrating 10 Years in Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services On June 18, 2010, Aaron and Jared incorporated Picture Perfect Cleaning Inc. It has been an incredible and rewarding journey. If we were to say what has made us so successful in Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial services, is that there are many things; However, we […]

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How to Choose a Commercial Cleaning Company

Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company | Picture Perfect Cleaning

Have you ever needed to hire a commercial cleaning company? The janitorial industry is a highly competitive industry. From the large, international franchised companies, to the small “mom-and-pops”, and everything in between, there are many companies to choose from. Furthermore, since the onset of COVID-19, picking the right cleaning services has never been more important. […]

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