The Benefits of Happy Employees

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The Benefits of Happy Employees

Here at Picture Perfect Cleaning, we understand that our company is only as strong as the people who wear our uniforms. We know that satisfied team members mean great services, and that the higher their satisfaction, the more profitable and competitive our company becomes. That’s why we treat all of our people like family members. Let’s look at some of the benefits of happy employees in more detail.
Increased productivity
Most people might link satisfaction with money, but in reality it’s happiness that drives most of human production. Higher salaries and financial incentives certainly play their part, but the University of Warwick conducted a study that showed employees who were happy were 12% more productive day-in and day-out than all others, regardless of money. You simply get better work out of happy people.
Better focus
Feeling stressed, unhappy, or daunted by your job is a sure-fire way to make your brain shutdown. Studies have shown that when a person is feeling more positive, the brain functions better. Individuals tend to be more focused, creative, and better at problem solving when they are happy. It has also shown that we work better in teams when we are happy. Seeing as how our company is built on effective collaboration between teams, this is central to your company mantra.
More engagement
A recent study showed that only 13% of workers are engaged. This means that most of them show up, do enough to get by, and don’t care. Employees that are engaged work better, promote the company more, and tend to stay much longer in their careers. That’s why our services have such great continuity. By offering room to grow, recognizing employee achievements, and showing how important they are to us, we keep them involved in the company and building toward their future.
The secret to the success of our company isn’t the products that we use or the hours that we work, it’s in the people that wear our uniform. Our employees are family, and we reap the benefits of happy employees. If you want a cleaning service that is more productive and engaged, then Picture Perfect Cleaning is your dependable choice.

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