The Importance of Commercial Cleaning & Air Quality

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The Importance of Commercial Cleaning & Air Quality
Importance of commercial cleaning and air quality

Cleaning your workplace may not sound important, but it is. Failing to clean commercial workplaces puts the health of the employees & customers at risk. Not only that, but it also affects the air quality of the workspace which affects overall employee productivity.

As such, you can’t just skip cleaning routines at work, as you do at home. With so many more people around, the risk of spreading bacteria and disease increases substantially. That said, it is good to have a vigilant cleaning company by your side to keep your commercial space sparkling.

How Does Commercial Cleaning Affect Air Quality?

Gets Rid of Dust in the Air

Sometimes, the air in your office may be dusty, even after cleaning. This is why you need a professional to help you. Experienced commercial cleaners get rid of the dust completely as opposed to moving it from the floor to the air with specialized equipment. 

Air Conditioning Vents are Kept Clean

Hiring a commercial cleaner means that cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing is done thoroughly. This includes removing any dust that may be blocking your air conditioning vents. In turn, it leaves your air conditioner functioning optimally. That way, the air quality of your working space will always be great.

Gets Rid of Harmful Scents

When you decide to clean a commercial space on your own, you may end up using products with harsh chemicals with harmful scents. However, hiring a professional commercial cleaner eliminates this problem. 

By using green scent-free products, commercial cleaners leave your space smelling fresh. They know exactly what ingredients go into the products, and how those ingredients react to various materials such as floors, furniture, or fabric. 

That way, you will not be dealing with headaches and nausea caused by bad scents or products that may damage your stuff.  

Risks of Skipping Commercial Cleaning

1. Exposure to Allergies

Failing to clean your working space thoroughly means that you’ll be dealing with a ton of health issues. For example, the accumulation of dust in the air can stimulate allergies in some people. 

This means that you’ll be dealing with employees taking sick-offs now and then. How are you going to make profits when your employees are unproductive?

2. Workplace Accidents

A disorganized, cluttered, and dirty workplace is not only demotivating but risky as well. This is because you risk tripping and falling as you walk around. Moreover, if there are liquid spills on the floor, an employee can slip and break a leg. It not only exposes you to unplanned medical expenses but legal suits from employees as well.

Why Should You Hire a Commercial Cleaning company?

Here are the benefits of hiring a professional commercial cleaning company like Picture Perfect Cleaning to handle commercial cleaning for you:

• We are timely and fast, giving you space to continue with your work.

• Our experts not only clean surfaces but the air as well.

• We save you money by preventing workplace accidents

• Our cleaning methods are thorough

• We will help you stick to a regular cleaning routine

• Our company is skilled and equipped with all the right cleaning equipment.

Are you tired of cleaning your office daily, and still having it feel stuffy? Are you unhappy with your current cleaners and looking for an upgrade? Worry not! At very affordable prices, Picture Perfect Cleaning offers you the best cleaning services for any commercial space including office, school, daycare, industrial, strata, car dealership. 

Who wouldn’t want to work in a sparkling and well-organized space? Call us today and enjoy an office with fantastic air quality!

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