Transform Your Business With Commercial Cleaning Services From Picture Perfect Cleaning

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Transform Your Business With Commercial Cleaning Services From Picture Perfect Cleaning
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The importance of cleanliness in your commercial business must be considered. The cleanliness of a business is often the number one factor when it comes to returning customers – over 90% said they would not revisit a business they considered unclean or dirty. An immaculate facility makes a pleasant environment for consumers and a safe, healthy workplace for your employees. Keeping a business clean, however, is easier said than done. Most cleaning tasks are time-consuming, require the right supplies and equipment, and require attention to detail. The best way to ensure your space is left sparkling is by hiring a professional commercial cleaning service with the experience and know-how to do the job properly and efficiently. 

Choosing the right cleaning company for your business can take time and effort. You’ll want to hire a janitorial service who will perform a quality job for a competitive price. When looking for a company, feel free to ask questions, check reviews, and ask for references. Selecting the right cleaning service will save you time and add value to your brand. Keep reading to learn how to transform your business with commercial cleaning services from Picture Perfect Cleaning!

Custom Comprehensive Cleaning Services

We can care for everything at Picture Perfect Cleaning, including floors, bathrooms, dusting, disinfecting, trash removal, and more. We will take care of the high-traffic areas that need frequent cleaning and deep cleaning to get to every overlooked spot in your facility. Every business is unique, and we offer flexible schedules tailored to your needs. Once we’ve established the right cleaning routine for you, we will regularly check in and listen to feedback to ensure your expectations are met. At Picture Perfect Cleaning, we have years of experience working with several different types of commercial facilities. Every cleaning job, big or small, is approached with respect and care toward your business. 

Hard-Working, Reliable Staff

Picture Perfect Cleaning takes pride in hiring and training quality staff. We treat our employees with respect, and it shows in their work. Our team is professional, friendly, and dedicated to high-quality service with that extra “wow” factor. Often, a commercial cleaning company will come in after business hours, so it’s important to know that its staff are trustworthy and reliable. The company you hire should have a good reputation and positive reviews. At Picture Perfect Cleaning, we hope to meet and exceed your expectations.    

Insured and Bonded

Any cleaning company you hire needs to be insured. At Picture Perfect Cleaning, we are licensed, insured, and bonded. We make sure that, in the event of an injury or incident in your facility, our staff is legally taken care of.  

Green Products

Choosing a company that uses environmentally friendly cleaning products in your building is worth it. Not only are these products better for sustainability, but the harsh chemicals found in common cleaning supplies can affect the health of both your customers and employees. Heavily scented and perfumed products can trigger a reaction in some people, which can be detrimental to your business. At Picture Perfect Cleaning, we genuinely care about people, the planet, and our community. We do our best to protect our planet wherever possible, and our cleaning products are certified as environmentally friendly.

Reasonable Pricing

When choosing a commercial cleaning company, you’ll want to get different quotes from different companies to compare. Remember that the highest price doesn’t necessarily mean the best service and the lowest price doesn’t always mean the worst. Before delivering a quote, we ensure we understand your specific cleaning needs and expectations at Picture Perfect Cleaning. We offer fair prices for our impeccable work standards.  

Disinfection and Sanitization

In our post-pandemic world, we are all more aware of the importance of proper hygiene and sanitization. A cleaner, germ-free environment means happier, healthier employees who can do their job with fewer sick days. Dust, dirt, and pathogens can collect in overlooked areas, triggering allergies or spreading disease. Attention to detail is needed to get to every nook and cranny in your workspace. A professional commercial cleaning company should know where to look and what to clean so that every inch of your workspace is sanitized. This includes high-touch areas and hard-to-reach places. Your staff and customers will be pleased to know that you prioritize their health and safety.

Minimize Workplace Incidents

A clean, organized space will minimize workplace incidents like trips, slips, or falls. Also, if you’re getting your employees to take on cleaning tasks themselves, it’s possible they can get injured in the process. It may not seem like it, but cleaning can be dangerous, and you must be properly trained. Some cleaning tasks involve climbing ladders, bending into hard-to-reach spaces, or working with hazardous cleaning supplies and equipment. You might be on the line financially if an employee gets hurt while carrying out janitorial tasks, not to mention you’ll be out an employee for a while. Save yourself the stress and hire a professional company with the knowledge and skills to do the job properly.  

Community Involvement

We want to give back to our local community at Picture Perfect Cleaning, so we’ve created the People, Planet, Community Initiative. For every new contract signed, we add funds used to host a community involvement initiative that supports organizations in the community. We want to show that we’re more than just a regular janitorial company by giving back to the community that has given so much to us.

Simply put, at Picture Perfect Cleaning, we want to do our best job – so you can do yours! Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company is the best way to save time and energy while ensuring your facility is properly cleaned and cared for. But don’t take our word for it. If you’re still unsure, please take some time to go through our reviews and testimonials from previous or current clients. We are proud of our impact on our clients and their businesses. Let us transform your business with our commercial cleaning services at Picture Perfect Cleaning. If you have questions or concerns about your cleaning needs, don’t hesitate to call us today.

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