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The importance of initial training and ongoing development

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The importance of initial training and ongoing development

One of the competitive advantages we bring to commercial cleaning is our training program. Our staff undergo training at the prestigious “Picture Perfect University”, where our methods, processes, and values are instilled into each member of our cleaning team. Once they’ve graduated, they come back regularly for refresher courses and skill retraining.
In our minds, the only way we can guarantee our clients a consistent service that they can depend on is to ensure that the people that work for us understand what sets us apart.

Three Reasons Why We Invest Big in Training

Outside of the obvious “it helps us be the best cleaning solution available in Calgary or Edmonton” point of view, we believe there are three reasons that we (and our customers) care about training: it reduces mistakes, keeps us on top of changing client needs, and allows us to produce consistently excellent results.

Training & Staff Develop Reduces Mistakes, Saving Time & Money

For better or for worse, the one constant in the universe we can depend on is that we are all human. We’re going to make mistakes.
The goal of our training program isn’t to eliminate mistakes entirely (as well intentioned as that may be), but to minimize mistakes and ensure quick-correction for when they happen. We accomplish this goal by:

  • Ensuring our staff are prepared for most situations they will encounter
  • Providing a comprehensive overview of every cleaning product we use, when to use it, and what to know about it (ie- can it be used on stone or not? etc.).
  • Giving our staff a clear escalation channel so they can get answers when they need them

While it may be impossible to completely eliminate human error, providing the above to our staff helps minimize its frequency and let us recover quickly when it happens.

We Stay On Top of Ever-Changing Client Needs

We invest into ongoing development for our staff because, as we’ve learned from experience, requirements and relationships change. What you need from us today may not be what you need from us tomorrow, and we want to ensure that we remain your ideal partners whenever your requirements change.
We constantly touch base with our cleaning staff and provide development in several key areas:

  • New technologies and equipment
  • Changing customer requirements
  • New cleaning products
  • New cleaning techniques

It Ensures Consistent Quality in Our Services

If there’s a fine line between a good company and a great one, it will be in how each company invests in their staff. We noticed a direct improvement in our service offering once we started making investments in coaching and development. In the years since we introduced these initiatives, we’ve seen a sustained increase in customer satisfaction, too.
There’s no way those two wins are unrelated to our training and coaching initiatives.
We understand more than anyone that our clients do not want to manage their cleaning services- that’s our job! By ensuring our services remain consistently excellent, we allow our clients to direct their energies towards more productive (and revenue-generating) areas.

Let Us Show You the Difference Great Training Makes

If you’re having a hard time finding a reliable cleaning partner that consistently passes muster, we’d love to talk to you. Whether you’ve got an office, church, automotive dealership, or any other space that would benefit from the touch of an experienced cleaner, we can help!
We will put together a cleaning solution that not only meets your needs, but consistently exceeds your expectations. After all, a great customer experience is what our business depends on.
Get in touch with us: Calgary, Edmonton.

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