The Importance Of Window Cleaning As Part Of Your Janitorial Service

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The Importance Of Window Cleaning As Part Of Your Janitorial Service
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Commercial cleaning companies perform a number of tasks to ensure a business is sanitary. They provide services using specialized equipment to clean furniture, floors, walls, ceilings, outside spaces, & remove pathogens from the air.


But an often overlooked area of importance to clean is the windows. Dirty windows can turn off customers and contribute to airborne contaminants in your business. Window cleaning is a common component of a professional commercial cleaning service


Professionals use a variety of techniques to clean windows and remove debris. Using commercial-grade cleaning equipment, professional janitorial companies clean windows from top to bottom and ensure your windows sparkle.

How Do Commercial Companies Clean Windows?

There are many important steps to cleaning windows professionally. Professional janitorial companies use specific industry equipment to remove dirt, debris, and ensure there are no streaks.


A commercial-grade cleaning solution is added to purified water. This water is deionized and filtered several times to ensure that there is no chance of hard water spots or other naturally occurring minerals that might stain the windows.


Here are the steps that most commercial cleaners use to make windows spotless.


  1. They start by dusting the windows to remove any loose debris and cobwebs.
  2. They apply a cleaner to the windows with either a spray bottle solution or a pole that allows them to reach higher windows.
  3. After the cleaning solution has time to sit for a few minutes, they use a squeegee to wipe the solution off of the windows. Special attention is given to corners and the edges of the windows.
  4. After each stroke with the squeegee, they wipe the squeegee edge with a cloth to remove any debris.
  5. They use a chamois to complete the process by drying any areas that may have water remaining. This also helps to remove any streaks or blotchy areas.


How Does Commercial Cleaning Impact Air Quality?

Most people don’t realize that dust and debris also carry allergens. This dust and debris can settle on windows and cause hay fever, allergies, and other sinus issues as well as skin issues.


By cleaning windows along with the other parts of your business regularly, the air quality will improve, providing fresher and purer breathing air which, in turn, will lead to fewer allergens in the air. The reduced allergens will help to relieve allergies and other reactions to dust and debris.


It’s also important to use HEPA filters and other filters in air purifiers and vacuum cleaners to help reduce allergens and improve the air quality in a place of business. Frequent dusting and cleaning can help to reduce all allergens and improve the air quality. These filters must be cleaned regularly and changed as required to ensure that the air quality remains healthy.


Trust The Picture Perfect Cleaning To Do The Job Right


Window cleaning is part of the overall comprehensive cleaning service Picture Perfect offers.  Most businesses opt to hire a professional cleaning company instead of doing it themselves. This helps to ensure that the highest cleaning standards are always met and it frees employees up to do their regular job.


Janitorial companies are highly trained in cleaning using proper cleaning methods and techniques. They use high-quality cleaning products and professional-grade cleaning implements (mops, brooms, window squeegees, and more).


Picture Perfect Cleaning is Calgary’s most trusted professional cleaning company. Call today and let us do the dirty work. Your employees & customers will be both healthier and happier.


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