What Goes Into Our Office Cleaning Service?

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What Goes Into Our Office Cleaning Service?

At Picture Perfect Cleaning, we care very deeply about our people, because we care very deeply about our customers.  In that spirit, we want you to know how we hire people and conduct our services to the best of our abilities. One such service we offer is office cleaning, and how we approach it is what makes us stand out from other companies in the industry.
Hiring and Training
We go through a very rigorous hiring process, often interviewing at least 10 people for every 1 person we hire.  This ensures we get only the very best and most trustworthy employees for our office cleaning services.  At the end of the day, cleaning is a straightforward task, but establishing trust with business owners and their employees is the key to outstanding service.
We then train each of our staff members by using a structured, step by step routine, which is developed from our clients’ contract and our clients’ specific needs.  Our employees are trained until they are completely and fully confident and capable of doing the job in front of them.
The benefit of training with the contract in mind is that there is absolute clarity concerning what needs to be done.  That way everything is black and white; either the job got done, or it did not.
Quality Assurance
When the hiring and initial training is wrapped up, Picture Perfect Cleaning management follows up and checks in with the cleaning partner to ensure we have maintained our exceptionally high quality of service.  After that, we set up a regular routine that works best for the particular workplace’s needs – and most importantly, we stick to it! We continue to develop and challenge our employees, so that they are constantly improving.
We also offer extended services to our ongoing clients such as carpet cleaning, floor waxing, high level dusting, deep cleanings, window cleaning, construction cleanings, and more.
As with all of our services, we are always receptive to feedback and flexible to schedule changes. Our job is to get into the minds of our clients and in tune with the pulse of their business to provide exactly what they need, and ensure they are getting the best cleaning service possible.

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