What We Do Is Far More Important Than What We Say

Perfection is Our Passion!

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What We Do Is Far More Important Than What We Say

They say that “actions speak louder than words.” This rings true in all aspects of life, from professional commitments to personal promises. As people, we find it easy to make commitments; as professionals, it is often difficult to follow through on them.
We understand this reality completely.
Our business is one that requires a great deal of trust. Every time our cleaners come to your business and get to work, they become an intimate, albeit temporary, member of your team. We interact with your premises and are exposed to the inner workings of your professional environment.
We know the importance of being able to not only meet our obligations, but to also convey the utmost respect for your facility and the people that operate within it. We pride ourselves on not only the commitments that we make, but on our consistent ability to follow through on them.

What It Means For Us to “Go the Extra Mile”

As a company, one of our core beliefs is in our responsibility to conduct fair and ethical business. This means that we must take great care of our clients and even better care of our staff.
You can see our approach to business in everything that we do, from the extensive (and ongoing) training that our staff undergo to the transparent and personalized way that we prepare quotes for our clients.
To us, going the extra mile isn’t about a temporary flash in the pan: it’s about demonstrating, consistently, that we take great care of our staff, clients, and the community around us.

For Our Clients

As one of Alberta’s fastest growing commercial cleaning companies, we are proud of our approach to client service. When you call, we answer; when you have questions, we take the time needed to ensure that our reply properly addresses them; when you have concerns, we listen and genuinely appreciate the feedback our clients provide.
We view our relationship with our clients as a partnership, and we understand how important trust, accountability, and honesty are for any partnership to thrive.

For Our Staff

Our staff are the backbone of our business. Without their drive and hard work, we would not enjoy the success that we do. Know that we take every measure needed to care for them, from fair compensation (which includes benefits coverage) to events that show them our genuine appreciation for their hard work.
Our staff enjoy company BBQ’s, parties, awards, and other events that we are proud to put on for them. They work hard and are the foundation of our business- treating them as such is just good business!

We’d Love to Go the Extra Mile For You

If you’re looking to partner with a commercial cleaning company that believes in ethical, honest business practices and true accountability, we’d love to hear from you. We are confident that, working together, we will provide a great cleaning solution that addresses your needs and budget.
Get in touch with one of our sales managers to receive your custom quote. Contact our Calgary cleaning team or our Edmonton cleaning team when you’re ready to move forward!

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